Mind-body flow classes

If you're in need of a yoga or Pilates session, look no further! We've got a range of classes from our very own instructors to keep you healthy and well!

All classes are under 30 minutes, designed for small spaces (hello lounge room gym) and are completely body weight - no equipment needed! And we’ll keep adding more, so check back soon!

  • Pilates for smarties with Adam

    You’re smart, Einstein smart, big brain, lots going on in there – so yeah, this class is for you, you big old smartie pants! This Pilates class is powerful, strengthening and lengthening – you’ll feel like a wistful falcon once you’re done.

    Workout duration: 27 minutes

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  • Yes please, Pilates with Adam

    Pilates? YAS PLEASE! Adam is here with another strong and controlled Pilates class to work your core and get you feeling like a powerful unicorn that can do anything, including absolutely slaying the rest of your week.

    Workout duration: 28 minutes

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  • Bananas in Pilates with Adam

    Our calm and wise friend Adam is here with a strong yet gentle Pilates class to engage and empower your core. This class will lengthen, strengthen and uplift you – so if your day has felt a little bananas, this could be a good one!

    Workout duration: 28 minutes

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  • Hanging in the balance with Lisa

    Start or end your day the best possible way, by limbering up and stretching out with the wonderful Lisa. This body balance class if one for all you Les Mills aficionados out there, so if you have Body Balance tracks, this is the time to pump them and get ready to sweat!

    Workout duration: 38 minutes

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  • Flow yeah with Leigh

    What is it with cats and getting all up in our grill when we exercise? Join Leigh and his two rambunctious kitty cats for a powerful flow session. In this class Leigh "pinches" the flowing structure of a yoga routine and fills it with super strength moves.

    Workout duration: 31 minutes

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  • Pilates party with Adam

    Invoke the quiet strength of a falcon (or something else strong and quiet) today and get on the mat with Adam. This class is powerful and simple, with poses that will empower you to take on the rest of the week with grace! Just change your name to Falco! Woo.

    Workout duration: 30 minutes

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  • Pilates in pyjamas with Lisa

    Here’s a lovely Pilates class with Lisa in her wonderfully zen garden, focusing on releasing the tension that you’ve built up during the working week. Breath, stretching and core balance.

    Workout duration: 31 minutes

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  • Flow motion with Lisa

    Everything looks better in flow motion, so take a deep breath, roll out your mat and get ready to flow through some Tai Chi and Pilates style movement with our queen B Pilates extraordinaire, Lisa. What a treat!  

    Workout duration: 36 minutes

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  • Opening the door to the pelvic floor with Iara

    Let’s talk about opening the door to the pelvic floor. Iara is here to take us through a simple yet very effective pelvic floor workout. Perfect for a lunchbreak and self-care day, enjoy!

    Workout duration: 18 minutes

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  • Chill with Alissia

    Chill days are for pancakes, reading books and leisurely forms of exercise like hour-long walks along the Yarra or this beautiful chill session with Alissia. It’s very Zen, it’s very low impact – it’s perfect for a chill exercise day.

    Workout duration: 18 minutes

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  • Loosen up with Alissia

    Loosen up before you start your day, at lunchtime or after a long day at the desk. Maybe it’s been a big week, a nothing week, a stressful week whatever kind of week it’s been for you, it’s always a good idea to take some time to reconnect with yourself. Alissia from Yarra Youth Services will take you through a calming and reviving yoga class.

    Workout duration: 20 minutes

    Loosen up
  • Glow with the flow with Leigh

    Glow with the flow, our wonderful Leigh is here with another flow-style class. This one is aimed at your core and is actually pretty hard. Just because something flows doesn’t mean it’s gentle. Think about the Mississippi river.

    Workout duration: 27 minutes

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  • Make space with Alissia

    Breathe in the beautiful morning; as the birds wake up and the first gold light of the sun touches the earth. Do this class with Alissia from Yarra Youth Services and start your day in a mindful way that is sure to empower and calm you as you move through the rest of your day.  

    Workout duration: 25 minutes

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  • They see me rollin' with Leigh

    Put the ball in baller and get rolling with this challenging and creative core class from our resident thespian, Leigh. His classes are engaging and run in a flow style that strikes the perfect balance between challenging and fun.

    Workout duration: 18 minutes

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  • Awaken with Alissia

    It’s time to take a little dose of chill and hang loose with Alissia from Yarra Youth Services. This yoga class focuses on calming your mind and letting go of your worries. Perfect for those days when exercise feels like the furthest thing from fun.

    Workout duration: 15 minutes

  • We're spine, plank you with Adam

    You’ve got to look after your body – particularly if you’re home office set up is less than ideal or you’re spending lots of time curled up on the couch. This Pilates class focuses on strengthening your core and lengthening your body – giving you the chance to stretch and fortify when your body needs it most.

    Workout duration: 29 minutes

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  • Fire up with Alissia

    Start or finish your day with this warming slow flow. The wonderful Alissia from Yarra Youth Services will take you through a relaxed but strong yoga class with a focus on the core.

    Workout duration: 15 minutes

    Fire up
  • Sweat and Zen with Leigh

    End or start your day with this wonderful yoga inspired strength class from Leigh. This class is a great take on yoga flow, with plenty of strengthening and lengthening for those of us who feel a little crumpled at the moment.

    Workout duration: 29 minutes

    Sweat and zen
  • Introduction to Pilates with Adam

    Lengthen and strengthen with this introduction to Pilates. By the end of it you'll feel energised and uplifted!

    Workout duration: 28 minutes

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  • Chair yoga with Christine

    Enjoy a calm and relaxing yoga session with Christine from Willowview Centre from the comfort of your own home. 

    Workout duration: 11 minutes

    Enjoy some yoga