Stroke Improvement

A man swimming butterfly in the pool

Need to polish up on your butterfly? Perfect that backstroke? Well lucky you because we run Stroke Improvement Courses throughout the year at Richmond Recreation Centre and Collingwood Leisure Centre.  

These courses give you the chance to level up on your swimming with personalised support from our amazing and super passionate SwimFit coaches. Honestly, swimmers, why wouldn’t you?! 

Register online for our upcoming stroke improvement course and get involved in progressive drills to improve all areas of your swimming. 

The course focuses on developing technique and endurance across all four swimming strokes of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. 

When are the courses?

All courses are 5 weeks unless stated otherwise, you’ll need to sign up for the whole program.  

  • Richmond: Tuesdays 6pm to 7pm 
  • Collingwood: Wednesdays 6pm to 7pm 
Month  Venue  Course start date
January/February Richmond Tuesday 31 January
March/April Richmond Tuesday 14 March
Collingwood Wednesday 15 March
April/May Richmond Tuesday 2 May (4 week course)
Collingwood Wednesday 26 April
June/July Richmond Tuesday 6 June
Collingwood Wednesday 7 June
July/August Richmond Tuesday 18 July
Collingwood Wednesday 19 July
August/September Richmond Tuesday 29 August
Collingwood Wednesday 30 August
October/November Richmond Tuesday 10 October (4 week course)
Collingwood Wednesday 11 October

How much does it cost? 

For our standard 5 week program: 

  • Members: $133.10  
  • Non-Members: $145.60 

Pricing is adjusted for shorter or longer programs. 

How do I book? 

Course outline 

The course will develop all four of your strokes with focuses on the following topics and more! 

  • Lane etiquette 
  • Kicking technique 
  • Body positioning and balance 
  • Review kick and body positioning 
  • Breathing technique 
  • Correct movement of the head while breathing 
  • Timing breaths with your stroke 
  • Stroke rhythm: entry, catch and sweep 
  • Gaining longer, stronger strokes 
  • Correct positioning of arms and hands 
  • Stroke rhythm: entering and exiting the water
  • Rotating to increase stroke length and minimise resistance 

You need to be able to swim 100m freestyle continuously to benefit from this course. 

What if I can’t commit to the 5 week program?

We understand that life is busy! For people who just want something on the go we will always have your water workout needs covered with our weekly casual SwimFit and SwimFit+ group exercise classes. SwimFit can be taken casually and booked individually. 

How do I find out more information? 

For more information please call us on 9205 5522, email us at or chat to us at your nearest venue.