Stretch and mobility classes

If your body is feeling tight and crumpled from sitting in your home office all day or last nights workout (go you!) and is screaming for a bit of a stretch and movement you've come to the right place! These classes will help you feel more limber and ready to seize the day or warm your body up for a workout. 

All classes are under 30 minutes, designed for small spaces (hello lounge room gym) and are completely body weight - no equipment needed! And we’ll keep adding more, so check back soon!

  • Moving on up with Bill

    Bill’s here with a great low impact class for all abilities! With stretches in all directions, shoulder rolls, spine twists and lunges all designed to make you as limber as a noodle, you’ll be sashaying through the rest of your day.

    Workout duration: 21 minutes

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  • Smooth moves with Sharon

    Sharon's here with the smooth moves, she's real slick. This workout is perfect for everyone - it's a full body mobility workout. You can start your day with it and then move onto something more vigorous, or just leave it at that.

    Workout duration: 16 minutes

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  • Easy moves with Bill

    Easy does it with Bill! Here’s a lovely, gentle class for older adults with a range of motion and balance exercises to get you limbered up and feeling fresh.

    Workout duration: 19 minutes

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  • Chair-ful balance with Sharon

    It’s a chair-ful balance with this lovely chill, slow and low impact workout from Sharon. A sweet dream for older adults or anyone recovering from an injury as it involves sitting on your favourite chair. 

    Workout duration: 15 minutes

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  • That's so stretch with Kim

    Meet Kim, she's fabulous and we know you’ll love this little stretch routine she’s put together for you. Perfect for those who’ve recently taken up running or other high impact exercise. You get a gold star for looking after yourself!

    Stretch duration: 15 minutes

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  • Loosen up with Alissia

    Loosen up before you start your day, at lunchtime or after a long day at the desk. Maybe it’s been a big week, a nothing week, a stressful week whatever kind of week it’s been for you, it’s always a good idea to take some time to reconnect with yourself. Alissia from Yarra Youth Services will take you through a calming and reviving yoga class.

    Workout duration: 20 minutes

    Loosen up
  • Make space with Alissia

    Breathe in the beautiful morning; as the birds wake up and the first gold light of the sun touches the earth. Do this class with Alissia from Yarra Youth Services and start your day in a mindful way that is sure to empower and calm you as you move through the rest of your day.  

    Workout duration: 25 minutes

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  • That's a stretch with Sharon

    Praise be, Sharon’s going easy on us this time. This class is designed for older adults or people recovering from injuries BUT if you’re feeling a little crumpled at lunch, this could be a good opportunity to stretch and strengthen.

    Workout duration: 15 minutes

    Stretch it out
  • Un-hunch at lunch with Andrew

    When you’re sitting at your “home office”, do you feel as though if someone squinted at you and tilted their head in just the right light, they might mistake you for Quasimodo? OK maybe it’s just us then! Anyway, whether you feel like the modern day Quasi or just a little in need of a good stretch, this is the perfect workout to break up your work day!

    Workout duration: 28 minutes

    Un-hunch now!
  • Get moving with Joe

    When you're feeling tight and stiff following a workout or from sitting at your desk all day, give this great mobility routine a go with Joe!

    Stretch routine duration: 15 minutes

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  • Warm up with Sharon

    Join Sharon for a great warm up suitable for older adults.

    Warm up duration:
    2:50 minutes

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