Our classes

We know some of you are missing the friendly faces of our trainers and we’re missing your faces too! While you can’t work out with us in real life, we’ve dedicated this part of the Wellness Locker to online classes from your favourite trainers like Bill, Sharon and Lauren. From powerful HIIT workouts to exercises for people with limited mobility, we’ve got you covered! And we’ll keep adding more, so check back soon!

  • HIIT circuit with Olly

    Get your body moving with this full body HIIT workout with Olly!

    Workout duration: 20 minutes

    Get sweaty
  • Oblique bliss with Lauren

    Are you feeling brave today? Like you can do anything? Good, because you’re going to need an attitude like that to smash this spicy core workout from Lauren.

    Workout duration: 29 minutes

    Work those abs
  • Core workout with Sharon

    Get your abs burning and get that strong engaged core you've been wanting with this workout from Sharon.

    Workout duration: 20 minutes

    Feel the burn
  • Full body band workout with Lauren

    Work your full body to the max with this full body band workout with Lauren. She'll take you through 7 supersets and a cool down. 

    Workout duration: 40 minutes (including cool down)

    Get started
  • Get moving with Joe

    When you're feeling tight and stiff following a workout or from sitting at your desk all day, give this great mobility routine a go with Joe!

    Stretch routine duration: 15 minutes

    Get moving
  • Core workout with Jeff

    Strengthen your core with this great workout from Jeff. This workout is suitable for older adults and Jeff recommends starting your day with this workout or smashing it out after your daily exercises. 

    Workout duration: 26 minutes (including warm up and cool down)

    Start now
  • Push up strength workout with Olly

    Work on your upper body strength with this great push up workout from Olly. 

    Workout duration: 15 minutes

    Get strong now
  • Build your upper body with Lauren

    Get your upper body stronger than ever with this ripper workout.

    Workout duration: 20 minutes

    Start now
  • Get fit with Joe and Lauren's HIIT class

    Ready for a killer workout? You better be! Joe and Lauren will take you through your paces with this HIIT Tabata workout.

    Workout duration: 30 minutes (including cool down)

    Get started
  • Yin Yoga with Suze Male

    This yin yoga class is great to relieve stress and tension in your neck, shoulders and lower back.

    Workout duration: 1 hour

    Get started
  • Yoga at home with Gillian

    Enjoy some steady moderate-level yoga at home with Gillian, complete with 6 minutes of relaxation. You'll need a chair, but that's all!

    Workout duration: 35 minutes

    Get started
  • Pilates at home with Gillian

    Check out this pilates class with Gillian to activate your core, lengthen your legs and spine, ease the lower back, mobilise the shoulders, extend your spine to counteract tightness and hunching.

    Workout duration:
    22 minutes

    Get started
  • Box with Bill

    Here he is with a "punchy" little exercise you can do literally anywhere, enjoy!

    Workout duration:
     40 minutes

    Start boxing
  • HIIT workout with Lauren

    It's time to get sweaty with Laurens killer HIIT workout!

    Workout duration: 35 minutes

    Start now
  • Yoga simple relax and release

    Enjoy some relaxing yoga with Gillian Lazenby to prepare for a good night's sleep.

    Workout duration: 25 minutes

    Start relaxing
  • Low mobility workout with Sharon

    If you have low mobility or are suffering from an injury, spend the next 40 minutes with Sharon and get your workout done for the day in a safe way from the comfort of your own home.

    Workout duration: 40 minutes (including cool down)

    Get moving
  • Warm up with Sharon

    Join Sharon for a great warm up suitable for older adults.

    Warm up duration:
    2:50 minutes

    Get warm
  • Workout with Sharon

    Follow Sharon through some moves to get a great low impact full body workout suitable for older adults.

    Workout duration: 18 minutes

    Start the workout
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