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We know some of you are missing the friendly faces of our trainers and we’re missing your faces too! While you can’t workout with us in real life, we’ve dedicated this part of the Wellness Locker to online classes from your favourite trainers. From powerful HIIT workouts to exercises for people with limited mobility, we’ve got you covered!

Each week we'll bring you fresh new classes so you can stay fit, healthy and on track! All classes are under 30 minutes, designed for small spaces (hello lounge room gym) and are completely body weight - no equipment needed! And we’ll keep adding more, so check back soon!

  • You bootie with Mel

    Youuuuuuu booootyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Here’s a nice little booty workout from our booty queen, Mel! This workout can be modified to suit your fitness level and if you’ve got a resistance band you can add a little extra fire.  

    Workout duration: 26 minutes

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  • Holiday in core-sica with Sharon

    How does a little holiday sound? A little trip-a-do? Well, sorry to burst your bubble but this is all we’ve got– a trip to core-sica with Sharon as your tour guide! Toot toot, all aboard! This class is strong with a good mix of floor work and standing exercises.

    Workout duration: 25 minutes

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  • HIIT ain't over 'till it's over with Leigh

    This is a spicy lil meatball from Leigh, our flow-some thespian friend! His classes are so engaging, and this one is no different; a strong HIIT class with Leigh’s unique flowing style, there are plenty of push ups and cardio so you’ll be as humid as FNQ by the end!

    Workout duration: 34 minutes

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  • Chair-ful balance with Sharon

    It’s a chair-ful balance with this lovely chill, slow and low impact workout from Sharon. A sweet dream for older adults or anyone recovering from an injury as it involves sitting on your favourite chair. 

    Workout duration: 15 minutes

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  • Flow motion with Lisa

    Everything looks better in flow motion, so take a deep breath, roll out your mat and get ready to flow through some Tai Chi and Pilates style movement with our queen B Pilates extraordinaire, Lisa. What a treat!  

    Workout duration: 36 minutes

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  • HIIT's a la vista with Kim

    HIIT's a la vista. We don’t know if you’ll be able to keep up with this Kim, but hey we reckon you should give it a red hot go. This class is bang for your moderate intensity buck, with a full body focus – yep we’re talking the whole shebang with everything from squats to skaters, planks to mountain climbers. Go you good thang.

    Workout duration: 24 minutes

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  • Opening the door to the pelvic floor with Iara

    Let’s talk about opening the door to the pelvic floor. Iara is here to take us through a simple yet very effective pelvic floor workout. Perfect for a lunchbreak and self-care day, enjoy!

    Workout duration: 18 minutes

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  • Flow my goodness with Leigh

    That’s what you’ll be saying during this crunchy, core-focused HIIT workout that, like all Leigh’s classes, will help you to cultivate strength whilst also getting your heart rate UP (and at ‘em).  This is a really good way to start the week, trust us.

    Workout duration: 36 minutes

    Flow on
  • Chill with Alissia

    Chill days are for pancakes, reading books and leisurely forms of exercise like hour-long walks along the Yarra or this beautiful chill session with Alissia. It’s very Zen, it’s very low impact – it’s perfect for a chill exercise day.

    Workout duration: 18 minutes

    Start relaxing
  • That's so stretch with Kim

    Meet Kim, she's fabulous and we know you’ll love this little stretch routine she’s put together for you. Perfect for those who’ve recently taken up running or other high impact exercise. You get a gold star for looking after yourself!

    Stretch duration: 15 minutes

    Start stretching
  • The bold and the bootiful with Mel

    Be bold, be bootiful with Mel’s greatest booty workout. This one is a real scorcher with plenty of squats and fire hydrants to strengthen those glutes, hips and thighs. You’ll be shaking in your boots and feeling it in your glutes when it’s all done!

    Workout duration: 29 minutes

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  • Four to the core with Leigh

    Four to the core I am sure, I want a flat tum not a sphere, I could have a six pack, the ab kind not the beer. This class is going to hit you where it hurts, right in the tum-tum. Leigh’s classes are smooth and flow-y but they’re certainly not easy.

    Workout duration:23 minutes

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  • HIIT 'em up style with Adam

    Get buck-wild like the shady protagonist of Blue Cantrell's seminal noughties hit and kick Monday’s toosh. This class with Adam is full of squat thrusts and planks to get your WHOLE body working. Good luck, you’ll need it!

    Workout duration: 25 minutes

    HIIT it
  • How low can you go? with Sharon

    How low can you go? Sharon is going to run you through a gentle low impact class that’s really great for anyone wanting to take it a little easier, and is particularly suited to older adults.

    Workout duration: 25 minutes

    Get moving
  • Loosen up with Alissia

    Loosen up before you start your day, at lunchtime or after a long day at the desk. Maybe it’s been a big week, a nothing week, a stressful week whatever kind of week it’s been for you, it’s always a good idea to take some time to reconnect with yourself. Alissia from Yarra Youth Services will take you through a calming and reviving yoga class.

    Workout duration: 20 minutes

    Loosen up
  • Encore, do you want core with Mel

    Encore, do you want core? We know you do! So chuck your best activewear on, fill up your drink bottle and get ready for a real burn-fest. Our wonderful Mel has transcended to new levels of excellence with this spicy class. You’ll feel engaged and empowered once you’re finished, how good!

    Workout duration: 23 minutes

    Yes I want core
  • Glow with the flow with Leigh

    Glow with the flow, our wonderful Leigh is here with another flow-style class. This one is aimed at your core and is actually pretty hard. Just because something flows doesn’t mean it’s gentle. Think about the Mississippi river.

    Workout duration: 27 minutes

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  • Rise and shine with Adam

    Rise and shine, yep - we said it! Rise and shine people. It’s time get serious and jump in with Adam to set a positive and powerful tone for the rest of your day or week.

    Workout duration: 27 minutes

    Jump in
  • Slow low with Sharon

    Sharon is here with a workout that’s great for older adults or anyone recovering from an injury! Gentle, simple and good for just about anyone – perfecto.

    Workout duration: 32 minutes

    Start moving
  • All about that pace, no treadmill with Leigh

    WOWSA. Leigh’s back with another high energy class to knock your socks off and get you panting your pants off. Leigh’s flowing style and strong exercises (inch worms and kick throughs galore) give his workouts a dance-like quality, so definitely pump some tunes as you flow through the sweat!

    Workout duration: 26 minutes

    Flow through the sweat
  • Make space with Alissia

    Breathe in the beautiful morning; as the birds wake up and the first gold light of the sun touches the earth. Do this class with Alissia from Yarra Youth Services and start your day in a mindful way that is sure to empower and calm you as you move through the rest of your day.  

    Workout duration: 25 minutes

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  • They see me rollin' with Leigh

    Put the ball in baller and get rolling with this challenging and creative core class from our resident thespian, Leigh. His classes are engaging and run in a flow style that strikes the perfect balance between challenging and fun.

    Workout duration: 18 minutes

    Get rolling
  • H-IIT's time to sweat with Mel

    Mel, our queen of sweating profusely and positive reinforcement is back with more HIIT goodness for you. We love her, and we know you will too! Give this class a go if you need to get the week off to a fiery start.

    Workout duration: 27 minutes

    HIIT it
  • Cut to the core with Leigh

    Get some fire in your belly with this yoga inspired class from Leigh. It’s a strong, core focused class that will really light you up. The perfect way to start or end your day if you ask us!

    Workout duration: 28 minutes

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  • You Say Tomata, Adam Says Tabata

    Nothing gets lost in translation with this spicy full body workout from Adam. At just under 25 minutes this is the perfect workout to smash out on a busy day! You've got this.

    Workout duration: 24 minutes

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  • That's a stretch with Sharon

    Praise be, Sharon’s going easy on us this time. This class is designed for older adults or people recovering from injuries BUT if you’re feeling a little crumpled at lunch, this could be a good opportunity to stretch and strengthen.

    Workout duration: 15 minutes

    Stretch it out
  • Boot scootin' baby with Mel

    One word: Mel. Yep, Mel is here. Our sunshine powerhouse super star is in the house, in your house in fact! How lucky are you? She’s gonna run your through a class that’s designed to work your glutes and get that booty burnin’. Put the JOY in enjoy!

    Workout duration: 26 minutes

    Get your booty burning
  • Please sir, I want some core with Andrew

    If like Oliver Twist, you’re all about the second helpings then this core class with Andrew is a good one. We believe in living your best life and eating two bowls of pasta BUT it can be nice to counteract the feasting with an energetic workout (#balance).

    Workout duration: 26 minutes

    Help yourself
  • Off the hook with Adam

    Having a tough day or week? Give it the old one-two with this boxing class from Adam. You’ll be jabbing and crossing your way to a big smile and a rush of endorphins. Lock it in, don’t tap out.

    Workout duration: 29 minutes

    Lock it in
  • Easy does it with Rob

    Rob is here with a relaxed low impact class to help you sail your way through the day. Perfect for older adults or anyone recovering from an injury.

    Workout duration: 29 minutes

    Let's do it
  • Oblique bliss with Lauren

    Are you feeling brave today? Like you can do anything? Good, because you’re going to need an attitude like that to smash this spicy core workout from Lauren.

    Workout duration: 29 minutes

    Work those abs
  • Just a little HIIT

    Olly's back with another brilliant workout, and this time he's got Tina on board showing us how it's done! This workout is only 15 (FIFTEEN) minutes long, so it's perfect for the days -or weeks- when you just can't seem to find the time!

    Workout duration: 15 minutes (including warm up)

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  • Awaken with Alissia

    It’s time to take a little dose of chill and hang loose with Alissia from Yarra Youth Services. This yoga class focuses on calming your mind and letting go of your worries.Perfect for those days when exercise feels like the furthest thing from fun.

    Workout duration: 15 minutes

  • HIIT me up! with Sharon

    Sharon is back with another brilliant HIIT workout to get you moving on this chilly winter day. Like pumpkin soup in workout form, this class is so warming and smile inducing. You’ll be ending the day on a big old high!

    Workout duration: 27 minutes

    Hit it
  • We're spine, plank you with Adam

    You’ve got to look after your body – particularly if you’re home office set up is less than ideal or you’re spending lots of time curled up on the couch. This Pilates class focuses on strengthening your core and lengthening your body – giving you the chance to stretch and fortify when your body needs it most.

    Workout duration: 29 minutes

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  • HIIT me with your best shot

    Are you a real tough cookie? With a long history (of absolutely smashing HIIT workouts)? Great! Cos you’re gonna need to be pretty tough to withstand this class from Andrew, the crown prince of tough cookies. Fire away!

    Workout duration: 27 minutes

    Fire away
  • Fire up with Alissia

    Start or finish your day with this warming slow flow. The wonderful Alissia from Yarra Youth Services will take you through a relaxed but strong yoga class with a focus on the core.

    Workout duration: 15 minutes

    Fire up
  • HIIT circuit with Olly

    This class is the cherry on top of a great day or week, so give it your all and finish on a high! If you have any weights or dumbells bring those along. If not, grab some full water bottles or a weighted backpack.

    Workout duration: 20 minutes

    Get sweaty
  • Tummy Time with Sharon

    You thought Sharon was nice? Well you might just change your mind after doing this spicy class. Sharon’s core classes are lethal, and she’s had many a fit young thang floundering around on the ground, red faced and out of breath. All hail the core queen, bet you can’t keep up with her.

    Workout duration: 22 minutes

    Work that tummy
  • Make HIIT Happen with Andrew

    You’ve been too busy trying to make fetch happen, now it’s time to make HIIT happen. Here’s Andrew with a workout to knock your socks off! It’s pretty intense and certainly not for the light hearted. Make sure you’ve got a big bottle of water nearby.

    Workout duration: 30 minutes

    Let's do this!
  • Preaching to the core with Iara

    Don’t waste your time preaching to the choir, preach to the core instead – you’ll make some top notch conversions there! This 20 minute workout with Iara is a strength based class that will really get your tummy and glutes ba-hurning (burn baby burn).

    Workout duration: 20 minutes

    Get started
  • Don't just say HIIT, do HIIT

    Who loves Sharon? We love Sharon! And guess what, she’s back with a high intensity workout that will absolutely have you huffing and puffing the house down, like the big bad wolf you are. So get your towel, a drink bottle and get going!

    Workout duration: 25 minutes

    Do HIIT!
  • Slow Jam with Rob

    Time to take it slow with this low impact, low intensity workout from Rob. It’s perfect for a slow Sunday, and is designed for older adults or anyone recovering from an injury.

    Workout duration: 30 minutes

    Start moving
  • Quick Win with Andrew

    Some days you just don’t have the time to go for a long run and with no gym to workout in – it can be hard to find a corner of the house that isn’t being used by another member of the family for work or school. That’s why this workout is perfect for times like this: it’s quick, simple and requires no equipment. Go for it!

    Workout duration: 29 minutes

    Check it out
  • Sweat and Zen with Leigh

    End or start your day with this wonderful yoga inspired strength class from Leigh. This class is a great take on yoga flow, with plenty of strengthening and lengthening for those of us who feel a little crumpled at the moment.

    Workout duration: 29 minutes

    Sweat and zen
  • Un-hunch at lunch with Andrew

    When you’re sitting at your “home office”, do you feel as though if someone squinted at you and tilted their head in just the right light, they might mistake you for Quasimodo? OK maybe it’s just us then! Anyway, whether you feel like the modern day Quasi or just a little in need of a good stretch, this is the perfect workout to break up your work day!

    Workout duration: 28 minutes

    Un-hunch now!
  • Hakuna Tabata with Sharon

    Sharon will put you through your paces with this muy caliente workout! You’ll be as warm as the California desert on a July day when you’re done with this tabata style HIIT workout! Perfect for getting your heart rate up, working up a sweat and getting in some cardiovascular fitness.

    Workout duration: 29 minutes

    Get going!
  • Hard-core with Andrew

    Is your core feeling a little sloppy at the moment? Winter lockdown got you good? Well here’s the antidote – a fiery core workout from Andrew - phew! Like all our virtual classes, it’s quick, simple and requires no equipment! Go for it, your core will thank you later.

    Workout duration: 20 minutes

    Get started
  • Introduction to Pilates with Adam

    Lengthen and strengthen with this introduction to Pilates. By the end of it you'll feel energised and uplifted!

    Workout duration: 28 minutes

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  • Get fit with Joe and Lauren's HIIT class

    Ready for a killer workout? You better be! Joe and Lauren will take you through your paces with this HIIT Tabata workout.

    Workout duration: 30 minutes (including cool down)

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  • Core workout with Sharon

    Get your abs burning and get that strong engaged core you've been wanting with this workout from Sharon.

    Workout duration: 20 minutes

    Feel the burn
  • Holy HIIT

    Holy HIIT alright, this workout is a goodie! Like all of our workouts, it's designed to be quick at 30 minutes and super simple. Better yet, it'll help you get the results you're after. Go for it!

    Workout duration: 24 minutes

    Read more
  • Get moving with Joe

    When you're feeling tight and stiff following a workout or from sitting at your desk all day, give this great mobility routine a go with Joe!

    Stretch routine duration: 15 minutes

    Get moving
  • Beast mode with Bill

    This peppery boxing workout is super-duper hot with a HEAP of cardio and core crunching exercises to get your whole body working (and sweating).

    Workout duration: 19 minutes


    Start boxing
  • Resistance workout with Jeff

    If you're in need of a workout that replicates your daily movement patterns, this resistance workout with Jeff is for you!

    Workout duration: 24 minutes (including warm up and cool down)

    Start now
  • Chair yoga with Christine

    Enjoy a calm and relaxing yoga session with Christine from Willowview Centre from the comfort of your own home. 

    Workout duration: 11 minutes

    Enjoy some yoga
  • Full body band workout with Lauren

    Work your full body to the max with this full body band workout with Lauren. She'll take you through 7 supersets and a cool down. 

    Workout duration: 40 minutes (including cool down)

    Get started
  • Core workout with Jeff

    Strengthen your core with this great workout from Jeff. This workout is suitable for older adults and Jeff recommends starting your day with this workout or smashing it out after your daily exercises. 

    Workout duration: 26 minutes (including warm up and cool down)

    Start now
  • Push up strength workout with Olly

    Work on your upper body strength with this great push up workout from Olly. 

    Workout duration: 15 minutes

    Get strong now
  • Build your upper body with Lauren

    Get your upper body stronger than ever with this ripper workout.

    Workout duration: 20 minutes

    Start now
  • Box with Bill

    Here he is with a "punchy" little exercise you can do literally anywhere, enjoy!

    Workout duration:
     40 minutes

    Start boxing
  • HIIT workout with Lauren

    It's time to get sweaty with Laurens killer HIIT workout!

    Workout duration: 35 minutes

    Start now
  • Low mobility workout with Sharon

    If you have low mobility or are suffering from an injury, spend the next 40 minutes with Sharon and get your workout done for the day in a safe way from the comfort of your own home.

    Workout duration: 40 minutes (including cool down)

    Get moving
  • Warm up with Sharon

    Join Sharon for a great warm up suitable for older adults.

    Warm up duration:
    2:50 minutes

    Get warm
  • Low impact workout with Sharon

    Follow Sharon through some moves to get a great low impact full body workout suitable for older adults.

    Workout duration: 18 minutes

    Start the workout
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