Low impact classes

If you're in need of a low impact workout, look no further! We've got classes from your favourite trainers to help you stay fit, healthy and on track! 

These classes are great for older adults and those recovering from an injury. All classes are under 30 minutes, designed for small spaces (hello lounge room gym) and are completely body weight - no equipment needed! And we’ll keep adding more, so check back soon!

  • Do core on the seashore with Sharon

    It’s nearly summer holidays and we know what that means, a few of you out there may be taking that lucky core of yours down to the seashore! So in honour of some good old sandy fun, jump into a low impact core class that’ll set you up for firm success.

    Workout duration: 29 minutes

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  • Solid gold with Sharon

    This class with Sharon is pure solid certified gold, for the golden ones among us – or just anyone who is looking for a low impact way to start their day, which let’s face it – is most of us right? Cardio and strength based, this class strikes a balance between gentle and challenging.

    Workout duration: 29 minutes

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  • Moving on up with Bill

    Bill’s here with a great low impact class for all abilities! With stretches in all directions, shoulder rolls, spine twists and lunges all designed to make you as limber as a noodle, you’ll be sashaying through the rest of your day.

    Workout duration: 21 minutes

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  • Centre of attention with Sharon

    This is a lovely and simple core class from Sharon for older adults! All you need is 20 minutes and you’ll give your core a safe and strong workout. Sharon is always wonderfully inclusive and this class is no different, she includes all of the abdominal muscles and all abilities too!

    Workout duration: 20 minutes

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  • Smooth moves with Sharon

    Sharon's here with the smooth moves, she's real slick. This workout is perfect for everyone - it's a full body mobility workout. You can start your day with it and then move onto something more vigorous, or just leave it at that.

    Workout duration: 16 minutes

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  • Easy moves with Bill

    Easy does it with Bill! Here’s a lovely, gentle class for older adults with a range of motion and balance exercises to get you limbered up and feeling fresh.

    Workout duration: 19 minutes

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  • In your chair without a care with Sharon

    Sharon will take you through a chillaxed chair-based class that’s great for everyone! All you need is a sturdy and comfortable chair and a can-do attitude.

    Workout duration: 17 minutes

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  • Of core-se you can with Bill

    Feeling both sloppy and stiff? Spending hours hunched over your home-office set up and not really moving as much as you’d like? Never fear, our wonderful friend Bill is here with an accessible core workout that will strengthen your core so you can sit up straight and stay on track.

    Workout duration: 23 minutes

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  • Chair-ful balance with Sharon

    It’s a chair-ful balance with this lovely chill, slow and low impact workout from Sharon. A sweet dream for older adults or anyone recovering from an injury as it involves sitting on your favourite chair. 

    Workout duration: 15 minutes

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  • How low can you go? with Sharon

    How low can you go? Sharon is going to run you through a gentle low impact class that’s really great for anyone wanting to take it a little easier, and is particularly suited to older adults.

    Workout duration: 25 minutes

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  • Slow low with Sharon

    Sharon is here with a workout that’s great for older adults or anyone recovering from an injury! Gentle, simple and good for just about anyone – perfecto.

    Workout duration: 32 minutes

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  • That's a stretch with Sharon

    Praise be, Sharon’s going easy on us this time. This class is designed for older adults or people recovering from injuries BUT if you’re feeling a little crumpled at lunch, this could be a good opportunity to stretch and strengthen.

    Workout duration: 15 minutes

    Stretch it out
  • Easy does it with Rob

    Rob is here with a relaxed low impact class to help you sail your way through the day. Perfect for older adults or anyone recovering from an injury.

    Workout duration: 29 minutes

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  • Slow Jam with Rob

    Time to take it slow with this low impact, low intensity workout from Rob. It’s perfect for a slow Sunday, and is designed for older adults or anyone recovering from an injury.

    Workout duration: 30 minutes

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  • Resistance workout with Jeff

    If you're in need of a workout that replicates your daily movement patterns, this resistance workout with Jeff is for you!

    Workout duration: 24 minutes (including warm up and cool down)

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  • Chair yoga with Christine

    Enjoy a calm and relaxing yoga session with Christine from Willowview Centre from the comfort of your own home. 

    Workout duration: 11 minutes

    Enjoy some yoga
  • Core workout with Jeff

    Strengthen your core with this great workout from Jeff. This workout is suitable for older adults and Jeff recommends starting your day with this workout or smashing it out after your daily exercises. 

    Workout duration: 26 minutes (including warm up and cool down)

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  • Low mobility workout with Sharon

    If you have low mobility or are suffering from an injury, spend the next 40 minutes with Sharon and get your workout done for the day in a safe way from the comfort of your own home.

    Workout duration: 40 minutes (including cool down)

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  • Warm up with Sharon

    Join Sharon for a great warm up suitable for older adults.

    Warm up duration:
    2:50 minutes

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  • Low impact workout with Sharon

    Follow Sharon through some moves to get a great low impact full body workout suitable for older adults.

    Workout duration: 18 minutes

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