Class types

We offer a variety of classes every week across our 3 centres, including specially designed programs, members-only Small Group Training and world-famous Les Mills classes. 

We also offer Access All Abilities programs in our gym to support people with disability and chronic health conditions to do strength based training. Please note, these sessions are not included in any membership, casual access only. 

Our programs

Women and man on spin bikes smiling

Classes designed by us, delivered by our amazing team of group fitness instructors. 


Our Aqua classes are suitable for beginner and advanced participants. Uses water resistance for a cardio-strength workout without stress on the joints.

Deep Water Running

Deep Water Running is a low impact, running-inspired workout in the water. Fantastic for anyone who wants an extreme full body workout without the impact on joints and bones. 


Our 45 minute high intensity classes combine body weight exercises and the latest in functional training equipment to get you feeling strong and energised, quick smart!


Our 45-minute meditation class will have you feeling relaxed and balanced. Meditation classes include breathing techniques, focus, mindfulness and gentle movement.


Our Pilates classes feature low impact exercises designed to build core strength and support postural alignment. Empowering, strengthening and calming.  *Unsuitable during pregnancy.


Our instructor-led indoor cycling is a fantastic cardio workout utilising our iC7 spin bikes, powered by ICG which are the most advanced indoor bikes on the market. Your cycling experience will be enhanced with our Coach by Colour system, personalising your class experience. 

Virtual Spin

Our virtual spin classes are powered by ICG World Tour. This incredible virtual experience enables you to have those adventurous wilderness rides in the comfort of our studio, with immersive big-screen technology that takes you anywhere in the world, so you’ll never get bored. 


A swimming fitness program that supports a range of levels, abilities and skills, encompassing all 4 swimming strokes. Our knowledgeable and passionate swim coaches will deliver a structured session to help you develop your technique and fitness in a friendly and social environment, so you can be empowered to smash your goals, whatever they may be.


Under the guidance of a knowledgeable and passionate swim coach you’ll be challenged to develop your technique and swimming fitness and empowered to smash your goals in a 45 minute session.


For swimmers who would like to build endurance, technique and work harder for longer in a 75 minute session.


Our Yoga classes unite the body, mind and spirit and can help align posture and increase range of movement. We have classes for a range of levels and abilities!

Yoga Basics

Yoga Basics is perfect for older adults, those beginning their group exercise journey or those who love focusing on doing the basics well. This class gives you a gentle introduction to the practice of Yoga and you'll learn all the basic poses in a simple and easy to follow format.


Join the party and a dose of endorphins! Get grooving to a mix of low and high intensity dance moves designed to improve your fitness and wellbeing. 

Zumba Gold®

Perfect anyone who is looking for a modified easy to follow Zumba® class. This class recreates the original moves you love at a lower-intensity with a focus on balance, range of motion and coordination. 

Les Mills classes

A group of young people dancing in virtual Sh'bam class

Les Mills delivers dynamic group fitness classes driven by the beat of the latest chart-topping music. New workouts are released every 3 months to keep you challenged and motivated.  

We offer both instructor-led and virtual classes utilising our ultimate 165-inch high quality video wall experience. 


A yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates workout. Controlled breathing and structured stretches, moves and poses build strength and flexibility.


An energetic program inspired by mixed martial arts. Strike, punch, kick and kata your way to cardio fitness.


Strengthen your entire body with the original barbell class. Challenge all your major muscle groups through high repetition movements for muscle toning.


Use an adjustable step and simple movements on, over and around the step for an energising workout. Cardio blocks push systems into high gear followed by muscle conditioning tracks.

Small Group Training

Pavi floor in the gym

Small Group Training is exclusive to members with gym access, these small classes are designed and led by our passionate gym instructors. 

Circuit Blitz

Circuit Blitz is a high energy 30-minute circuit style class, with a focus on muscle endurance, fitness and strength. Join a small group of like-minded individuals and benefit from the energy of a group workout, combined with the personalised attention of our experienced trainers. Don't just survive your workout – BLITZ it with Circuit Blitz.

Functional Strength

Functional Strength is a weights-focused class designed to help you build strength, increase muscle and overall fitness. With a focus on proper form and technique, Functional Strength will help you safely reach your strength goals in a supportive and motivating environment. 

Hard Core

Hard Core is a short 30 min class that includes a variety of core focused exercises. This small group training class is the ultimate way to challenge your abs, obliques, and lower back.

Quick HIIT

Quick HIIT is a high intensity full body workout, using multiple short intervals to get your heart rate up and pumping. This is a dynamic and challenging workout designed to help you improve your overall fitness. With a supportive and motivating environment, this program is perfect for those who want to achieve their fitness goals in a fun and inclusive setting.

Community gym programs

A Empower+ program participant and a Gym Instructor smiling in a class

We offer a range of programs to help people with differing abilities access the gym. Please note, these sessions are not included in any membership, casual access only


Our Empower program supports people with chronic conditions who require minimal support. It’s an inclusive, fun and supportive space to meet other people and stay fit.  


This is a strength training session for people with disabilities who require a high level of support. This program is perfect for people who can use gym equipment with the support of your own carer, including upper and or/ lower body movement.  

Move for Life program

Strength training for people aged 55 and over. Sessions combine 45 minutes of weights training and 15 minutes of stretch and core work.