Class types


We run over 340 classes every week across our three centres! We offer specially designed Yarra Leisure programs, members-only Small Group Training and world-famous Les Mills classes.

We also offer gym sessions to support people living with disability and chronic health conditions to do strength based training.

Yarra Leisure programs

Classes designed by us, delivered by our amazing team of group fitness instructors. 


Suitable for beginner to advanced. Uses water resistance for a cardio-strength workout without stress on the joints.

Circuit HIIT 

Circuit HIIT is a 45 minute high intensity interval training circuit. This is a high energy class combining strength training and cardio intervals to get you to your best! The class uses kettle bells, ski ergos, air dynes, dumbbells, barbells, treadmills, rowers, power bands, machine weights and more! This class runs in Gym 2 at Richmond. 


Deep Water Running is a low impact, running-inspired workout in the water. The challenge of running plus resistance.

Functional Circuit

A 45 minute circuit class combining the use of body weight exercises and latest in functional training equipment such as battle ropes, plyometrics, power bands and more to get you feeling fit, strong and energised. This class runs in the group fitness studios at Richmond and Collingwood.  

Pilates 1

Beginner mat Pilates. Exercises build core strength, support lower back and bring flexibility to spine, hips and shoulders. *Unsuitable during pregnancy.

Pilates 2

Dynamic mat Pilates exercises to further challenge and enhance strength, flexibility and principles developed in Pilates 2.

Power Core

A stage led full body workout with an emphasis on core strength and stabilisation. This freestyle class guaranteed to get your core firing with the use of body weight, steps, barbells, functional equipment and more. You’ll leave this class feeling fit, strong and POWERful! This class runs in the group fitness studios at Richmond and Collingwood.  

Pump Core

A 45 minute fusion class combining Body Pump and Core. This is a stage led movement to music class and will give you a full body workout by utilising body weight, steps, weight plates, barbells, power tubes and more. This class runs in the group fitness studios at Richmond and Collingwood.  


Indoor cycling with adjustable resistance for all levels. A fantastic cardio workout. Led by an instructor for 45 minutes.

Yoga 1

Beginners. Focus on posture and range of movement for flexibility, balance and relaxation. Standing poses, forward and back bends, and twists.

Yoga 2

Intermediate. New challenges, such as inverted poses (alternatives offered).

Yoga 3

Experienced (familiar with inverted poses). Technique refining including strong standing poses and full back bends.

Yin Yoga

A slow-paced, restorative yoga. Longer holds in supported poses for suppleness, calm and profound relaxation. No experience needed.


Join the party! Get grooving to a mix of low and high intensity dance moves designed to improve your fitness and wellbeing. 

Zumba Gold

Join the party! A mix of low intensity dance moves for a 55 minute interval fitness party, suitable for older adults.

Small Group Training

Small Group Training is exclusive to members with gym access. If you want to dive into Small Group Training, pick up a membership


Build movement, mobility and core strength through body weight exercises.


High Intensity Interval Training, using multiple short intervals on various equipment to get you fit, fast.


Fun and functional training on the interactive Pavi flooring. Body weight and free weight exercises test strength, stamina and agility.


Improve strength and technique on major lifts like squats, deadlifts and presses.


A high intensity circuit class using machines and free weights. Increase your mobilisation, muscle strength and endurance.

Les Mills classes

A global phenomenon, Les Mills delivers dynamic group fitness classes driven by the beat of the latest chart-topping music. New workouts are released every three months to keep you challenged and motivated. 


High intensity, high energy cardio workout to build strength and stamina. Combines athletic aerobic, strength and stabilisation exercises.


A yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates workout. Controlled breathing and structured stretches, moves and poses build strength and flexibility.


An energetic program inspired by mixed martial arts. Strike, punch, kick and kata your way to cardio fitness.


Lead by a virtual instructor on screen, this spin classs is set to the rhythm of motivating music. It burns a lot of calories, gets you fit and leaves you feeling euphoric. 


Strengthen your entire body with the original barbell class. Challenge all your major muscle groups through high repetition movements for muscle toning.


Use an adjustable step and simple movements on, over and around the step for an energising workout. Cardio blocks push systems into high gear followed by muscle conditioning tracks.

Yarra Triathlon

 Our program for people training for triathlons, open water swims, adventure races and fun runs. Yarra Triathlon is for all levels, from beginner to experienced triathletes.


Brick session simulates race conditions providing participants the opportunity to improve both cycling and running. The session focuses on developing cycling and running speed, endurance and practicing transitions.


Ergo sessions are an indoor cycling session structured to enhance your speed, strength and endurance through specific cycling and triathlon intervals.

Inter Swim

Intermediate swim squad is targeted towards novice squad swimmers, particularly those who have completed a Yarra Triathlon short course. The focus is to develop technique, building stamina, speed and strength.

Long Run

Long Run is an easy paced group run that focuses on developing aerobic base.

Open Water Swim

The open water swim squad develops the essential skills associated with open water swimming. Please note - Open Water Swim runs from November to February.

Road Cycle

Road Cycle is an outdoor cycling session structured to enhance your speed, strength and endurance through specific cycling and triathlon intervals.

Run Squad

Run Squad focuses on developing running strength and endurance using a range of different distances, speed and intervals around the Richmond area.

Swim Squad

Swim squads are structured for all fitness levels and are aimed at helping swimmers develop all four strokes through individual feedback and progressive training.

Track Squad

Track Run builds running speed and develops technique while teaching participants the skills to pace.

Supported gym programs

We offer a range of support programs to help people with differing abilities access the gym.

Living Longer Living Stronger

Strength training for people aged 50+. Sessions combine 45 minutes of weights training and 15 minutes of stretch and core work.

Cerebral Palsy Program

Small group sessions for people living with cerebral palsy to work on building and maintaining strength. 

Striving for Maximum Strength

Small group sessions for people living with chronic health conditions. Participants build strength, confidence and mobility through an exercise routine.

We offer a range of programs to support people with differing abilities to use the gym.