Casual prices

You are welcome to visit any of our centres anytime. Casual visit means you don't sign a contract and only pay for the times you use our facilities.

Our casual prices are the same across all our centres unless we say otherwise.

Please note: casual access to our gyms may be obtained through an All Access Day Pass.

If you visit us 2-3 times or more a week, a membership will likely cost you less money than casual prices. Our staff can help you figure out which option will be most cost effective for you. 

Prices effective Monday 9 July.

How much is a swim?

1 swim

  Full fee Concession fee 
Adult Swim  $6.90 $3.80 
City of Yarra Age Pensioner swim* $0.00
Child swim 0 to 5 years Free
Child swim 5 to 15 years  $3.50
Family swim (4 people, 2 adults maximum) $15.80
 Swim, spa and sauna $13.10 $7.20 

Swim pass

  Full fee Concession fee 
10 adult swims  $62.10 $34.20 
25 adult swims $138.00 $76.00 
10 child swims $31.50
25 child swims $70.00
10 swim, spa and sauna $117.90 $64.80 
25 swim, spa and sauna $262.00 $144.00 

How much is a group exercise class?

1 class

Full fee Concession fee 
Group fitness class  $16.80 $9.20 
Group fitness 90 minute class $23.30 $12.80 
Yarra Triathlon squad session $17.40 $9.60 
Living Longer Living Stronger session $8.20 $4.50 


Group class pass

  Full fee Concession fee 
10 group fitness classes $151.20 $82.80 
25 group fitness classes $336.00 $184.00
10 Living Longer Living Stronger sessions $82.00 $45.00
25 Living Longer Living Stronger sessions $205.00 $112.50
10 Yarra Triathlon squad sessions $156.60 $86.40 
25 Yarra Triathlon squad sessions $348.00 $192.00 


How much are other services?

All access day pass

Full fee $25.60 
Concession fee $14.10 


Child care

Full fee $11.25 
Yarra Leisure Member $7.15
Concession fee $4.30 


We have tennis and netball courts at Richmond Recreation Centre. The courts are only open outside of school hours.

Rate Member Non-member 
Peak - 1 hour
(after 4pm Monday to Friday) 
$22.30 $29.30
Off peak - 1 hour
(before 4pm Monday to Friday
and anytime on the weekend)
$16.70 $24.60 



A locker costs $3. If you're a member, lockers are free.

Note: A surcharge fee of 0.5% applies to Visa and MasterCard credit card payments. 

These casual prices are effective to 30 June 2019, as per Yarra City Council's budget cycle.

Companion Card

Carers accompanying a person with a disability are eligible for free entry on presentation of a Companion Card. Present your Companion Card when you are paying your entry fee.

For more information about the Companion Card program visit

Carer Card

We offer concession discount to holders of the Carer Card. Present your Carer Card when you are paying your entry fee.

For more information about the Carer Card program visit 

Concession cards

To receive a concession price you must have one of the following:

  • Australian full time student card
  • Pensioner concession card
  • Health Care Card
  • Carer Card

*You must have a current Age Pensioner Concession Card and reside in the City of Yarra within postcode 3054, 3065, 3066, 3067, 3068, 3121 or 3078. Please note - Patrons who supply a health care concession card with proof of pension age can also qualify. 

Your card must be current and have your name on it.