Casual prices

You are welcome to visit any of our centres anytime. Casual visit means you don't sign a contract and only pay for the times you use our facilities.

Our casual prices are the same across all our centres unless we say otherwise.

If you visit us 2-3 times or more a week, a membership will likely cost you less money than casual prices. Our staff can help you figure out which option will be most cost effective for you. 

How much is a swim?

1 swim

  Full fee Concession fee 
Adult Swim  $6.70 $3.70 
City of Yarra Age Pensioner swim* $0.00
Child swim 0 to 5 years Free
Child swim 5 to 15 years  $3.40
Family swim (4 people, 2 adults maximum) $15.40
 Swim, spa and sauna $12.80 $7.00 

Swim pass

  Full fee Concession fee 
10 adult swims  $60.00 $33.00 
25 adult swims $133.30 $73.30 
10 child swims $30.40
25 child swims $67.70
10 swim, spa and sauna $115.20 $62.60 
25 swim, spa and sauna $256.00 $139.00 

How much is a group exercise class?

1 class

Full fee Concession fee 
Group fitness class  $16.40 $9.00 
Group fitness 90 minute class $22.70 $12.50 
Yarra Triathlon squad session $17.00 $9.40 
Living Longer Living Stronger session $8.00 $4.40 


Group class pass

  Full fee Concession fee 
10 group fitness classes $147.60 $81.20 
25 group fitness classes $328.00 $180.40
10 Living Longer Living Stronger sessions $80.00 $44.00
25 Living Longer Living Stronger sessions $192.20 $105.70
10 Yarra Triathlon squad sessions $153.00 $84.20 
25 Yarra Triathlon squad sessions $340.00 $188.00 


How much are other services?

All access day pass

Full fee $25.00 
Concession fee $13.80 


Child care

Full fee $5.90 
Concession fee $3.00 



We have tennis and netball courts at Richmond Recreation Centre. The courts are only open outside of school hours.

Rate Member Non-member 
Peak - 1 hour
(after 4pm Monday to Friday) 
$21.80 $28.60
Off peak - 1 hour
(before 4pm Monday to Friday
and anytime on the weekend)
$16.30 $24.00 



A locker costs $2. If you're a member, lockers are free.

Note: A surcharge fee of 0.5% applies to Visa and MasterCard credit card payments. 

Concession cards

To receive a concession price you must have one of the following:

  • Australian full time student card
  • Pensioner concession card
  • Health Care Card

*You must have a current Age Pensioner Concession Card and reside in the City of Yarra within postcode 3054, 3065, 3066, 3067, 3068, 3121 or 3078. Please note - Patrons who supply a health care concession card with proof of pension age can also qualify. 

These casual prices are effective from 7 August 2017 to 30 June 2018, as per Yarra City Council's budget cycle.

Your card must be current and have your name on it.