Participants in a Body Balance class at Richmond Recreation Centre

Group exercise

We run group exercise classes every week, so we have something for everyone! Our timetable features Les Mills, Small Group Training and our own Yarra Leisure classes.

Group exercise is a social, fun way to go at your own pace. Our instructors lead and motivate you to get the most out of every class.

Group exercise suits every fitness level and is a great way to build an exercise routine.

Class rules

To help everyone have a safe and enjoyable class, follow these tips:

Safety and manners

  • Respect Yarra Leisure's code of conduct.
  • Arrive on time. Classes close 5 minutes after the starting time.
  • Advise your instructor before class if you have an injury, condition or are pregnant.
  • Attend the warm up and cool down phases.
  • Leave your equipment to be put away by the instructor if you go before the class finishes.

Clothing and gear

  • Bring a small towel, water bottle and comfortable clothing.
  • Wear shoes for all classes except BODYBALANCE, Yoga and Pilates.
  • Bring a mat to Yoga, Pilates and BODYBALANCE or buy one at reception.
  • Bring boxing gloves for Boxing Circuit or buy a pair at reception.
  • Do not bring bags into class.

Small Group Training is exclusively for members with gym access. All other classes can be attended casually.