Course re-design works

Burnley Golf Course captured from an aerial view in 2021

On Tuesday 14 February 2023, Council endorsed proposed changes to Burnley Golf Course which will address the risks associated with balls being hit outside the golf course’s boundary. 

The approved changes will result in a re-design of the golf course layout; holes 1, 3, 6 and 7.  

The adjustments to the course will improve community safety by reducing the risks associated with golf balls breaching the existing boundary fences along Madden Grove and CityLink. 

Why are we doing this work?

In March and April 2020, we undertook a community consultation process to assist in the review of a range of options to mitigate identified risk and opportunities to diversify the services offered at the facility. The consultation included community information sessions, surveys and targeted workshops with key stakeholders.

The feedback received from the consultation has informed the approved design of Burnley Golf Course.

When will the works begin? 

Following Council approval of these works on Tuesday 14 February, we are now working on securing a contractor to complete these works. 

We anticipate that these works will be put out to public tender in May 2023. Following the appointment of a contractor we will then be able to confirm when the works will begin. 

Will the course be closed during the period of works? 

Yes. The course will be closed to the public for the period of works. 

How long will the works take? 

The works are expected take approximately 6 months to complete, subject to weather conditions. 

What will happen with my golf course membership? 

All Golf memberships will be automatically paused for the duration of the closure period. You will not be charged throughout the closure period. 

If you have an active term/upfront membership at the time of the course closure, the total number of days of closure will be added to your membership expiry date.  

Can I be kept up to date on the progress of the works? 

You sure can! If you’re currently not on our mailing list, you can subscribe to receive email updates regarding these works

How do I find out more information? 

Contact us on 9205 5048 or email us at