Older adults

An older woman on a cross trainer in the gym with a Yarra Leisure Gym Instructor smiling at her

We are committed to offering programs and services at each of our facilities to support older adults to stay healthy and well.

Living Longer program

Living Longer is a strength training program for older adults aged 50 years and older.

What happens in a session?

We will take you through a fun and engaging group session to build your strength and mobility and meet your health and wellbeing goals.

Our Gym Instructor will make sure you develop an understanding of safe techniques to prevent injury. 

How do I join?

You must have an initial assessment with one of our Gym Instructors, which is a one-time cost of $48.

Our instructor will build you a tailored program. Visit us at reception or give us a call on 9205 5522 to book your assessment.

Before you start your program, please ensure your doctor completes our medical form confirming you are able to participate.

When is the program?

We offer classes weekdays at Collingwood Leisure Centre and Richmond Recreation Centre.

Upcoming classes

If you've already completed your initial assessment you can book your class online.

How much does a session cost?

  • Full price: $8.70
  • Concession: $5.20
  • Initial assessment: $48

Classes are casual, there is no contract and you don't need to be a member to attend.