Where Locals Fit

Where Locals Fit talent next to each other and a logo with the Where Locals Fit logo 
We know that what makes us so great is YOU, our people. 

In our venues you'll find brave people giving it a go, kind people ready to laugh with you, instructors who want you to reach your goals (whatever they are) and a place for people from all walks of life to connect, grow, and embrace their best selves.

Our people are everyday, unique people just like you, giving each day a red hot crack on their good days and bad days and we think that's what makes you great! Some of you visit us to start your day, some of you visit us for a quick lunch break between work meetings, some of you visit us to wind down after the hustle and bustle of your day. However big or small, our people all have their own special story, and we know we're just a tiny part of that, but wow, we’re so glad to be. 

Whatever it is that you come to us for; to move your body, mindfulness or a sense of community, we’re here for you – you belong here

Over the next little while, we're putting the spotlight on you, our wonderful YL fam. We're going to be sharing the stories of a few of our many locals so we can celebrate your unique lives and how we fit into your incredible lives. We're so excited! 

Meet our local people