Women Making Waves


Women Making Waves is a women’s only pool session. The session includes casual learn to swim classes, aqua classes, open lap lanes and general water play. You can also use the gym, spa and sauna.

Women of all ages, cultures and abilities are welcome.

You do not need to book, just come along.

Is it women only?

Yes. Women Making Waves is for women only. Boys under 5 years are welcome too.

We only roster female staff during Women Making Waves times.

Is Women Making Waves private?

Yes. We use blinds to cover the windows in the pool and place a screen in front of the door.

Collingwood Leisure Centre is closed to everyone else.

How much does Women Making Waves cost?

Women Making Waves costs the standard pool entry fee:

  • $6.90 adult full
  • $3.80 adult concession
  • $3.50 children
  • Free for children under 5 and City of Yarra pensioners

Learn to swim class including entry:

  • $18.00 full
  • $9.90 concession

When is Women Making Waves?

Every Saturday night at Collingwood Leisure Centre from 6.30 to 8.30pm. This is outside our standard opening hours.

What happens at Women Making Waves?

The pool is open for swimming laps and water play, and the aqua class that runs every week. The gym is also open for use and staffed by a female gym instructor.

We run learn to swim classes during school terms.

Learn to swim

These classes are casual with no booking required.

We run 2 swimming lessons during Women Making Waves.

Learn to swim class including entry cost:

  • $18.00 full
  • $9.90 concession

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