View and pay outstanding balance

A person holding a credit card making a payment on their laptop

You can login to the online portal and view and pay any outstanding balances on your account. 

  1. Login 
  2. Navigate to 'Account'
  3. Select 'Payments'
  4. You can now view a breakdown of your outstanding balances.

Why is my account showing payments as outstanding when a debit has come out of my account on those dates?

Our system allocates new membership payments to old debt. If you had any unpaid debt from previous direct debits, any successful payments will allocate to the oldest debt on your account. The amount shown as owing on the customer portal is correct, however the dates may differ.

Why am I being charged a $5 rejection fee?

Each time your debit is unsuccessful, Yarra Leisure is charged $5 by our direct debit provider for this failed transaction. To avoid the $5 rejection fee, please ensure there is sufficient funds in your account, card details are correct and that the card is valid.

Alternatively, you can enter your BSB and Account Number as a payment source into your customer portal, which will avoid you being charged when your card has expired or has been cancelled.

I didn’t attend, why was I still charged?

Direct debit memberships are an ongoing fortnightly charge. You will continue to be debited or charged for your membership until we receive written notice of cancellation via email or by filling out a form at reception. We require all cancellation requests to be sent by close of business on the Monday prior to the Thursday fortnightly direct debit.