Gym equipment at Yarra Leisure

Our gyms are open in line with Victorian Government restrictions

How long is a gym session?

Community program sessions are 1 hour. 

How much is a gym session? 

Casual rate 

  • Full fee $26.20 
  • Concession fee $15.80 
  • Senior access pass: $5.80. Please note, the senior access pass provides access to our gym, aquatic areas and a group exercise class during our off-peak hours of 8am to 4pm on Monday to Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday. To be eligible for this pass you must present either a valid Age Pension Concession Card or a Seniors Card.

Are you accepting new memberships?

We're currently accepting new members. You can become a member online, or visit us at your nearest centre to sign up. 

Can I purchase a multi visit pass?

Yes , you sure can! Find out how to purchase a multi visit pass and view your balance in My Account. You can also purchase a multi visit pass at reception. 

Have Community Programs resumed? 

Yes, Living Longer Living Stronger, Striving for Maximum Strength and Cerebral Palsy programs have resumed.

How much are sessions?  

Living Longer Living Stronger and Striving for Maximum Strength 

  • Full fee: $8.60
  • Concession fee: $5.10 

Cerebral Palsy 

  • Full fee: $11.50
  • Concession fee: $6.90 

Please note if you are unable to book using our online portal please call us on 9205 5522.  

Do I need to book?

No, you no longer need to book ahead for gym sessions. Simply come along, scan in via the QR code at reception and pay for your session. While memberships are still paused, you cannot use your membership tag to swipe in - you must pay at reception. 

Please note: you will still need to book online for Community Programs.  

Do I have to wear a mask? 

Everyone is required to carry a face mask at all times in line with restrictions. Wearing a face mask is strongly recommended indoors and outdoors when 1.5 metres distance cannot be maintained from other people. 

Do I have to bring a towel?  

Yes, you must have a sweat towel with you at all times in the gym. When using weights, place your towel over the bench or seat.  

When will personal training resume? 

We currently do not have a resumption date for personal training. 

When will Small Group Training resume? 

Small Group Training has returned. 

But wait, I have more questions! 

Check out our frequently asked questions to find the answers to many of your questions. We will continue to update this page as more information becomes available. 

Updated 2pm Wednesday 31 March 2021