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Bookings are now open for Burnley Golf Course and swim sessions in the 50m outdoor pool at Fitzroy.

Our online portal is accessible to everyone and is where you will need to book and pay for all your sessions. We will not be accepting walk-ins.

Please DO NOT proceed with your booking if you live or work further than 25km away from the venue you wish to attend. 

How do I book?

*Please note, bookings for Burnley Golf Course will be made via our golf booking system

Before you're able to book a session, you'll need to activate your profile.

If you're a member, multi visit pass holder or aquatic programs member you will have an account set up for you. You will need to log in using your email that we have on your existing account and select ‘forgot password’ to create a new password so that you can access the portal. 

If you haven’t visited us before, or do not have an existing account with us, you will need to create a free account.  

Not sure if you have an account? 

  1. Select 'forgot password' at the login screen
  2. You will be prompted to type in your email and select 'submit'
  3. If you have an account, you will receive an email to reset your password. If you do not have an account, a message will appear stating 'email address not found'. If this happens, proceed back to the login screen and create a free account!


I need help with my account 

My Account is where you can login to the online portal and read our booking instructions to guide you through the booking system and troubleshoot any issues you may experience. 

I'm experiencing issues with the booking system

If you're experiencing any issues, please call us on 9205 5522 or email us at

How long do bookings open before a session? 

Bookings will be released in 7 day blocks. Every Monday from 11am, you’ll be able to book a session for the week ahead, from 6am Tuesday to 8pm the following Monday – no more rolling sessions!  

Please note, bookings will close 1 hour before the scheduled session. 

Can I cancel my booking? 

Yes, you can cancel up to 2 hours prior to your swim session and retain the value of the booking as a credit in your account. 

If you cancel your booking with less than 2 hours notice a credit will not be applied to your account. 

Do you have a limit on how many bookings people can make?

To make it as fair as possible, there will be a limit of 2 bookings per person per week (Tuesday to Monday).  

What if a session is booked out?

If a session is booked out you will notice it says “fully booked”, if someone cancels a spot may open up so feel free to check back!

Please note we are inundated with people trying to book. This means sessions are selling out in under 10 seconds, and therefore most people are seeing 'too soon to book' and 'fully booked' as the only options.

How do I make a supported access booking? 

Supported access bookings are for customers with disability or those who need the pool to manage a health condition for their physical wellbeing and who are unable to secure a spot. 

The purpose of these spots is to offer fair and equitable access to those who need it most. These spots are only bookable by calling us on 9205 5522. 

Please note, there will be a limit of 2 bookings per person per week (Tuesday to Monday). 

Are supported access bookings available for every session? 

Yes, we are offering 2 spots in each swim session, each day – that's 198 per week! 

I need a carer, do I need to book them in? 

Yes, if you need a carer you must also book them in for free over the phone. Your carer will be included in our capacity limit, even if they do not enter the pool. 

Can children book in for a swim session? 

Young people aged 14 or older can book in for a swim session unsupervised.

Updated 9.15am Monday 19 October 2020