Person typing on a laptop at a desk at home

Our online portal is accessible to everyone and is where you can book and pay sessions.

Please DO NOT proceed with your booking if:

  • You are feeling unwell 
  • Have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days. 

Do I need to book? 


Book online using our golf booking system. No walk-ins.


Walk-ins only, no bookings.


Walk-ins only.


Book online or walk-in. 

How do I book online?

*Please note; bookings for Burnley Golf Course are to be made via our golf booking system

Before you're able to book a session, you'll need to activate your profile

If you're a member, multi visit pass holder or aquatic programs member you will have an account set up for you. You will need to log in using your email that we have on your existing account and select ‘forgot password’ to create a new password so that you can access the portal. 

If you haven’t visited us before, or do not have an existing account with us, you will need to create a free account


I need help with My Account

My Account is where you can learn how to:

  • Create your account 
  • Login 
  • Navigate the online portal 
  • Book for sessions  
  • Manage your account 
  • Troubleshoot any issues you may experience. 

How long do bookings open before a session? 

Bookings will open 72 hours in advance and will remain open up until the session begins.

Can I cancel my booking? 

Yes, you can cancel up to 2 hours prior to your session and retain the value of the booking as a credit in your account. 

If you cancel your booking with less than 2 hours notice a credit will not be applied to your account. 

Do I need to bring my concession card with me? 

Yes if you have purchased any of our concession sessions then you will need to bring your concession card! 

Updated 3.40pm Friday 29 October 2021