Hal working out in the gym at Collingwood Leisure Centre

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We're sharing the stories of a few of our many locals so we can celebrate you and how we fit into your incredible lives. Hal is one of our lovely locals, so read on to learn all about his story!

Meet Hal Peck

Hal lives in Fitzroy North with his wife Dawn. They both visit Yarra Leisure regularly three times a week. Hal likes to work out in the gym while Dawn’s favourite workout is an Aqua group exercise class.

Hal grew up in Maryborough where his father was an architect and engineer/mathematician. He said in this rural setting he had the freedom and opportunity to explore the open countryside whenever he pleased. Growing up he often helped with physical tasks such as labouring on farms.

As a teenager his father once asked him to design a house for a local family with a small budget. The house was built with locally made mud bricks to reduce the cost of materials.

Hal’s passion for exercise and fitness began in his youth when he took part in cross country events and at age 16, he held the Victorian record for the 1 mile run with a time of 4 minutes and 55 seconds.

After finishing high school Hal moved to Melbourne to study architecture at Melbourne Technical Institute, now known as RMIT.

In December 1941, at the age of 18, Hal was drafted into armed forces and then discharged to work as a draughtsperson with the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation. He said in the army he received good old fashioned boot camp style training where his passion for exercise continued.

Over the years Hal has continued to exercise frequently adding martial arts such as judo and jujitsu to his repertoire as well as cycling, boxing, swimming, running and the gym.
According to Hal, his secret to a long and healthy life is a combination of a healthy diet including fish, a small fresh steak once a week and lots of market fresh fruit and vegetables, some study at U3A and a lot of exercise.

On Tuesday 14 November 2023 Hal turned 100 years of age! Congratulations Hal on reaching this impressive milestone, we are proud to be part of your ongoing fitness journey.

Collingwood Leisure Centre is Where Hal Fits

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