Mini sitting on the stairs at Fitzroy Swimming Pool in a yellow outfit posing

We understand that what makes us so great is YOU, our people.

In our venues you'll find brave people giving it a go, kind people ready to laugh with you, instructors who want you to reach your goals (whatever they are) and a place for people from all walks of life to connect, grow, and embrace their best selves.

We're sharing the stories of a few of our many locals so we can celebrate you and how we fit into your incredible lives. Mini is one of our lovely locals, so read on to learn all about their story!

Meet Mini aka Racerage

Mini lives in their colourful and creative Collingwood home with their 2 cats, Noodle and Isky. A self-described “queer radical rapbrat” who’s music is powered by their love of strong communities, Mini says that what really inspires them is communities coming together and giving each other mutual aid, “activism really inspires me to create.” 

It’s no wonder that someone as community focused as Mini was inspired to start High Rising Hiphop, an open mic night for hip hop artists of all ages from the local estates. “I wanted people to be able to jump up and try out new material wherever they're at in their careers.” 

And it’s easy to see why Mini loves their community so much, it’s vibrant, warm, connected and diverse. It is the beating heart of the inner north and it’s been a source of joy for Mini, “as soon as I got my public housing here, my social life just changed.”

One of the main arteries that keeps that inner north heart pumping is the Fitzroy Swimming Pool, and Mini is no stranger to those healing waters. Swimming is the one exercise Mini can get around, “I've always hated exercise, other than dancing or riding my bike somewhere. with my ADHD, I get bored very easily, but swimming is a self-care thing I do. I've also got Hypermobility Syndrome and Tourette's, I have a lot of chronic joint pain and the only thing I can really do for it is exercise.”

But it’s not just the quiet Mini finds at Fitzroy Swimming Pool, the local pool that they love, they also love the vibrant poolside community in the summer months, “it's a bit of a running joke within the Melbourne Northside queer-scene that you will always see somebody you know at Fitzroy pool.”

We’re so happy that we’re able to be a part of Mini’s day, their healing and their community. 

Fitzroy Swimming Pool is Where Mini Fits