Clinton riding a spin bike at Richmond Recreation Centre with a logo that says Where Clinton Fits

We understand that what makes us so great is YOU, our people.

In our venues you'll find brave people giving it a go, kind people ready to laugh with you, instructors who want you to reach your goals (whatever they are) and a place for people from all walks of life to connect, grow, and embrace their best selves.

We're sharing the stories of a few of our many locals so we can celebrate you and how we fit into your incredible lives. Clinton is one of our lovely locals, so read on to learn all about his story!  

Meet Clinton Hazel Junior 

Clinton lives in Fitzroy North, but originally he’s from the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, New York City. If he looks familiar to you, you might have seen him in a Paul Hogan film, or you might have seen him working out at 6am at Collingwood Leisure Centre. He’s an actor and an early bird. 

Back in high school, Clinton was an athlete and the best 400 metre hurdle runner in Manhattan. Sadly, injury put an end to his promising career, but sometimes life has other plans for us. Life certainly had other plans for Clinton!

It all started when he made a birthday cake for a friend that went down a treat and he discovered the beauty of baking. 

These days Clinton runs a booming cookie business called Kitchen After Dark, and you can trust us when we say, Clinton sure can bake so make sure you taste them for yourself!

Clinton’s combined love of exercise and sweet treats is pretty perfect actually, because if there’s one thing that he’s a champion of, it’s the role of balance in mental and physical health. “I believe in balance in life, I make cookies, and I workout and that allows me to just, you know, sweat, work my muscles, stretch. And then I feel at peace.”

Of his early morning workouts at Collingwood Leisure Centre, Clinton says “it gives me a space to look at myself differently. It's about the tenacity and the energy to say alright, I'll go another day, and I'll go another day and I'll go another day. I'm not going to be the strongest ever. I go as a practice to improve my self-esteem. So that, when I have hard days or when I have good days, no matter what I'm still there, practicing to make myself better.”

Tenacious, committed people like Clinton with stories that span the globe make our community what it is. We’re so stoked that we get to be a part of Clinton’s every day. 

Collingwood Leisure Centre is Where Clinton Fits