Street and greet

A young man and woman walking down a Yarra Street together looking into a shop window

Walking is a wonderful way to stay healthy and active during these chilly winter months. With a nice warm coat and some sturdy shoes, you can breathe in some fresh air, stay fit and uplift your spirit!

We’ve created three brilliant new walking routes to inspire you to get moving this winter and help you to see your suburb in a new way. With each route incorporating retail delights, local cafes, heritage sites and green spaces – you’ll be on a journey of discovery while you meander. 

Using the maps

You can see each Street and Greet map below – there's one in each of Yarra’s wards (Melba, Nicholls and Langridge).

Each map consists of a series of key points which expand to reveal the wonders of that area from history to gastronomy and beyond. These specially tailored Street and Greet routes give you the opportunity to explore the retail precincts, heritage trails and parks in your local area.

Melba Circuit


Nicholls Circuit

Langridge Circuit

Coronavirus (COVID-19) safety advice

Although we encourage you to be as active as possible by regularly walking Yarra’s streets, COVID-19 safety advice must still be followed to keep yourself and our community safe. For the latest advice, please visit Yarra’s COVID-19 webpage.