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Mental health

We know that our mental health is a crucial part of our overall well being so to help you stay track and find some zen, we’ve dedicated this section of the wellness locker to the essentials required to uplift and calm you. 

Mental health resources

• Beyond Blue have shared some great ideas on how to help you keep calm in the face of stress and anxiety during the coronavirus pandemic 

• Headspace have shared some super useful tips on coping with the coronavirus pandemic for young people

• Lifeline has some really useful insights for coping in these tough times too

• Kids Helpline have some wonderful words for kids about the Coronavirus

• Headspace have created some brilliant (and free!) meditation resources just for the coronavirus pandemic


Meditation is a wonderful way to pause and refresh, check out some lovely meditation from Les Mills – we’re hoping these classes give you a chance to find some peace and unwind!


 There are some fantastic resources out there to support your mental health, we’ve curated a list of free apps that can help to uplift and refresh you:

• Smiling Mind

• Head Space

• Insight Timer

• 10% Happier

• SuperBetter