Our swim school

Take swimming lessons home with this fun collection of videos from our wonderful Yarra Leisure swim instructors.

  • Kicking along with Anna

    Annie and her little helper show us how to master the art of kicking! In the air, on our tummies and in the bath.

    Lesson duration: 7 minutes

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  • The best stroke is breaststroke with Anna

    We all know there’s a real art to breaststroke. Help your child become a proficient breaststroke prodigy with this fun little morning class from our wonderful swim instructor Anna.

    Lesson duration: 8 minutes

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  • Blowing bubbles with Anna

    The wonderful and wise Anna will take the kidlets through a simple home-based lesson in blowing bubbles. There’s a real art to it you know! 

    Lesson duration: 10 minutes

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  • Water familiarisation with Anna

    Our Learn to Swim guru Anna is back with her trusty sidekick to share some wonderful tips on how you can keep your swimming skills up whilst at home.

    Lesson duration: 6 minutes

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  • Robyn Reads: Dinah's Swimming Lesson

    Our incredibly talented Robyn is back with another book that she’s written and illustrated for the young swimmers among us. It’s another incredible creative achievement and we’re so thrilled she’s sharing it with us.

    Reading duration: 6 minutes

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  • Robyn Reads: Bill's Swimming Lesson

    Have you met our Swim Instructor Robyn? She’s incredibly talented (we’re very lucky to have her) and she’s written and illustrated her very own book for the young swimmers among us. It’s an incredible creative achievement and we’re so thrilled she’s sharing it with us.

    Reading duration: 6 minutes

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  • Dingle Dangle Scarecrow

    Sing along to Dingle Dangle Scarecrow with Robyn and teach the kids how to lie on their back in the water!

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  • The Wheels on the Bus

    Sing-a-long to The Wheels on the Bus with Robyn and help the kids learn water safety from home.

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  • This is the Way

    Sing-a-long to This is the Way with Robyn and help your kids get comfortable with the feeling of water. 

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  • Kicking in the bath

    Take your swimming lessons into the bath! Anna will show you how to practice various kicking techniques with your children so when lessons are back it'll feel like they never left.

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  • Eyes and ears underwater

    Help your children practice putting their eyes and ears under the water in the bath. It'll get them used to the feeling of water around their head and make the transition back to the pool much easier!

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  • Kicking on the couch

    Practice kicking with the kids from the comfort of your own couch. Our Swimming Instructor Anna will show you how!

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