Life Saving from home

The kids can become everyday life savers with these tips and activities from Life Saving Victoria and Royal Life Saving Victoria. 

Life Saving Victoria (LSV) and Royal Life Saving Australia have got some great online and practical resources and sessions for nippers, learn-to-swim participants and kids wanting to learn CPR and First Aid, because children can be everyday lifesavers, too!

Swimming at home

Missing swimming lessons? Stay active and keep up swimming, lifesaving and water safety skills while lessons are cancelled, in weekly online sessions every Thursday with Ashley and a range of guest presenters! 

Episode 1

Tune in to learn about different waterways and have fun practicing some swimming skills.


Episode 2

Tune in to practice your freestyle and learn about rescues. For this session you will need:

  • cushions
  • couch, chair or bean bag
  • 3 x pairs of socks
  • mop or broom

Episode 3

Tune in to practise your backstroke and learn about being SunSmart. For this session, you will need:

  • long sleeve top
  • sunglasses
  • hat
  • cushions
  • drink bottle


Episode 4

Tune in to learn about how to help in an emergency and have fun practicing some swimming skills. For this session you will need:

  • pillow or cushion
  • water bottle
  • teddy bear

Water safety

Water safety watch and learn

Join Kaitlyn every week for an episode about water safety. Kaitlyn shares key water safety messages in a range of environments using short videos. These videos are targeted at early childhood to primary-aged children.

Episode 1

Learn all about water safety at home as we explore different areas around the backyard and in the house, and make sure we’re always staying safe around water!

Episode 2

Discover all things water safety as we explore the beach and find ocean creatures, lifesavers and rips! Learn how to stay safe by swimming between the red and yellow flags.

Episode 3

Learn all about water safety at the lake as we find different people, objects and dangers at this waterway. Explore different items that we could use to rescue someone in the water!


Episode 4

Learn all about water safety at the river as we find different people, animals and dangers at this waterway. Help Kaitlyn find the safest place to swim at the river, with the help of family and friends!

New episodes are coming soon! 

CPR for kids

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you found yourself in trouble and needing emergency services? Would members of your household, including children, know how to help?

This online, one-off program is designed to give children the knowledge and skills to help if they found someone in an emergency. This is a family-friendly program, which has been created to bring your household together to learn lifesaving skills.

LSV have CPR resources including information sheets, activities, workbooks, live information sessions and more to help educate your kids. 

Nippers at home

Missing Nippers or ever wanted to give it a go? No matter how old your children are, join weekly online sessions every Tuesday, with a range of lifesaving club members, to keep your kids active and keep up lifesaving skills and knowledge.

Episode 1

Tune in to Meet a Lifesaver and practice your Run-Swim-Run at home.


Episode 2

Tune in to learn about rips, practice your beach events and visit LSV comms. 


Episode 3

Tune in to learn about being SunSmart, practise your board skills and to meet a lifeguard. For this session you will need:

  • nipper cap
  • pink rash vest
  • cushions

Episode 4

Tune in to learn about the Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter and Drone Services, do a rescue workout and practise rescue techniques.

For this session you will need:

  • cushions
  • items that float
  • broom or pool noodle

Swimming and water safety toolkit

Life Saving Victoria have put together a swimming and water safety toolkit with some fantastic activities for students to develop their understanding of swimming and water safety in the classroom, or at home, to help meet the Victorian Curriculum criteria.

What's in the toolkit? 

  • Dry swimming programs: Dry Swimming Programs allow for swimming and water safety concepts to be taught through land-based activities. These can be implemented in the classroom, in a school gymnasium or any open area outside of the water.
  • Virtual reality tours: VR tours are like to going on a school excursion, without even leaving the classroom!
  • Survival swimming programs: The aim of Survival Swimming Programs is to ensure that students have the knowledge to keep themselves and others safe in, on and around water; along with the skills to survive an unexpected fall into open, deep water.
  • ...and more! 

Swim and Survive Kids Zone

Water safety education is a key element in developing water wise children who have the knowledge and understanding of the dangers of aquatic environments and activities.

Royal Life Saving has developed a Swim and Survive Kids Zone with lots of fun and engaging activity sheets and fun Apps to learn at about water safety from the safety of your own home. 

What activities are there? 

  • Everyday Lifesaver App: The Everyday Lifesaver App uses gamification to make learning water safety, emergency response and CPR more engaging. Download on an Apple or Android device. 
  • Something Eerie App: Join Ruby and her friends as they embark on six adventures in the strange town of Eerie Creek. After finding a mysterious journal, the gang set out to solve the mysteries of creatures that haunt Eerie’s waterways. Navigate through the story pathways safely using your water safety knowledge and decision-making skills to solve the final mystery. Download on an Apple or Android device. 
  • Triple Zero Kids Challenge App: Kids will learn about how to deal confidently with and get help in an emergency, by playing games and solving problems. They'll learn about safety messages and hear what happens when you call Triple Zero (000). Download on an Apple or Android device. 
  • Activities including crosswords, mazes, dot-to-dot, word scrambles, find a word, colouring in, and more!