You Say Tomata, Adam Says Tabata


Workout duration: 24 minutes

Nothing gets lost in translation with this spicy full body workout from Adam. At just under 25 minutes this is the perfect workout to smash out on a busy day! You've got this.

What equipment do I need?

None (mat optional) 

What is the workout?

Warm up

Please complete 5 min warm up before beginning this high intensity workout 


Complete each exercise for 20 seconds then take 10 seconds rest and repeat 4 times before moving to the next exercise. 

Part 1:

4 exercises, 4 rounds of each

  • Burpees with feet twist 
  • Bear crawls 
  • Sit ups with overhead reach 
  • Plank with rotation (alternating side each rep) 

Part 2:

4 exercises, 4 rounds of each 

  • Static squat with step back lunge 
  • Mountain climbers 
  • Seated ab twists 
  • Bicycle crunch with knee pull 

Cool down:

Full body stretch