Reopening dates announced for leisure centres

Tuesday 02 June 2020

Yarra Leisure lifeguard standing in front of the Fitzroy Swimming Pool

After weeks of careful planning we’re excited to share our reopening dates with you. Please remember, things will look different and our service offerings will be limited. 

Reopening stages 

We’ll be reopening our centres gradually over the coming weeks, starting with our swimming pools, followed by our gyms, group exercise classes and then all other forms of group training and lessons.

When will the pools reopen? 

In line with Victorian Government guidelines we are only able to offer lap swimming and water exercise and rehabilitation sessions at this time, and you’ll need to book in advance. Our main pools will open as follows:

  • Monday 22 June: Collingwood Leisure Centre 25m pool
  • Monday 29 June: Richmond Recreation Centre 50m pool
  • Monday 6 July: Fitzroy Swimming Pool 50m pool

Please be aware, we are not offering aqua play, access to our toddler pools, spas, saunas, steam rooms or classes just yet.

We will provide further details about our new booking processes and pool capacity in the coming weeks. 

When will the gyms reopen?

The Victorian Government has indicated gyms are likely to be allowed to reopen from Monday 22 June. Once gyms are given the all clear to reopen we will be able to provide an update on our plans to ensure a safe return to services.

Why can’t you open sooner?

We’d love to open our doors tomorrow! But in order to ensure our centres are safe, clean and in line with government regulations, we have a fair bit of work to get done. 

Our ‘To Do’ list includes:

  • Our swimming pools are all currently in hibernation mode. Re-awakening swimming pools from this ‘sleep-mode’ is incredibly prescriptive and time consuming. This includes raising temperature, chemically treating the water, balancing the chemicals to legislative regulations, raising air temperatures and more. 
  • While we were closed we used the people-free time to bring forward some major capital works projects at our venues; including: re-tiling of the toddler pools at Fitzroy, a new toddler pool fence at Richmond, new timber panelling in the Collingwood sauna and a new wet deck and re-grouting for both main pools at Fitzroy and Richmond. Some of these projects are still in progress and will need to be completed before we can reopen.
  • Ensuring all of our staff are up to date with their training, particularly 150 of our lifeguards whose roles are so crucial to the safety of our customers. We are also training all 530 of our staff in new processes and protocols: physical distancing, centre cleaning, new booking systems and more.

We are committed to making sure everything runs smoothly when you return.

What happens with my membership?

Memberships will continue to be paused for the foreseeable future. We will notify you well in advance when we expect to resume direct debit payments for our members. 

We are introducing a casual user rate and an online booking system.

We will share more information on how to book, casual rates and service offerings soon. 

I'm not a member, can I book?

Yes, anyone can book a session. We are introducing a casual user rate. 

What have you been doing while you’ve been closed?

We’ve been working really hard during “iso”!

Our staff have been working together to do all sorts of upgrades to our centres like painting walls and fences, deep cleaning our pools and just generally giving all our facilities a really good scrub! 

We’ve also been sharing resources, filming virtual classes and creating workout plans through our new online Wellness Locker

But wait, I have more questions!

We’ve created a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page where you can find the answers to many of your questions. We will continue to update this page as more information becomes available. 

We’re looking forward to getting back to doing what we love; helping you to stay happy, healthy and connected.  

For updates, keep an eye on our website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and your emails for announcements. If you aren't on our email list but would like to be, please sign up to receive our updates.



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