Lower body workout sheets

Hop to it!

Wanna get sweaty and work off some of that Easter chocolate? We've got a fun little Easter themed work out for you to smash out over the long weekend. It'll work your lower body, so by the end of it you'll have a different kind of hot cross buns. Hop to it!

Just Peachy 

Put your glutes to work with this simple but ferociously targeted workout and feel. the. burrrrrn. in your behind!

Luxe Legs

Its leg day! Woop! Get ready to feel the burn and power your way through this killer leg work out.

Leg's go!

It's leg day, AGAIN! Enough said. This workout should take you around 50 mins, so get ready to WORK!

Bandless Lower Body Blast

No resistance band? No worries! We’ve got 6 killer supersets for you. Complete 3 rounds of each superset before you move onto the next. Good luck!

Booty Burner

Get those glutes firing! DO NOT take any rest in between each exercise and trust us you will feel the burn! Are you up for the challenge? For this workout all you will need is a resistance band of some kind. 

Glute Gladiator

Buns of steel require epic workouts like this, you can do it!

Terms of use

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