Full body workouts

The All Rounder

Looking for a full body workout to smash out before dinner? Here’s the perfect all rounder! There are ten exercises with 50 seconds of work time and 10 seconds rest between each. Once you’ve completed all ten of ‘em, rest for 30 seconds and then rinse and repeat – 3 times, you got this!

Full Body Blast

It’s time to work your WHOLE body with this fun and quick full body workout! There are 3 rounds with decreasing reps each time, you can take a 2 minute breather between each round.

Winter Warmer

Brr, it’s cold in here... It’s time to get toasty with a full body workout - you’ll be feeling as though you’re on a tropical island in approximately 15 minutes, bon voyage, miserable Melbourne!

Tabata Time

Give your whole body a run for it's money. All you need is the will to work hard for 20 minutes.

Simon Says Stay Home

Only got 15 minutes? No worries! This short workout will get you the benefits you’re after with just 3 supersets. 

Lean and Mean

If you’re ready for a challenge, a sweaty challenge, then this one’s for you! Complete 2 full rounds of 9 exercises as fast as you can!

Bums and Tums

This home workout will work your legs and core, it’s all bodyweight, requires no equipment and will get you feeling nice and warm!


Work your body to the max, whether you’ve only got 10 minutes or half an hour. 3 rounds will take around 10 minutes, so repeat and work for as long as you like! 

HIIT for Brains

This workout will get your legs burning, your abs hurtin’ and your heart racing. We’ll be starting with a high Intensity leg workout which will take approximately 12 minutes, followed by a high Intensity ab workout, which will also take about 12 minutes!


You'll be a sweaty Betty after this spicy little full body workout! 20-ish minutes and body weight only, so no excuses!

Mover and Shaker

Wow, it's all in the title here - are you up to the challenge? This workout only requires 2 x DBs and can be done literally anywhere. Go for it!

You Can Do It

This incredible full body bad boy can be smashed out in under 30 minutes, with nothing other than some weighted resistance (DBs or a weighted backpack or water bottles) and a can-do attitude required! 

Limber up with Jeff

Perfect for older adults looking for a gentle yet effective workout routine to do from home!

More coming soon...

We're always working on amazing new workout plans, so check back soon!

Terms of use: Yarra City Council acknowledges the right of all individuals to choose to participate in a physical activity. However, we strongly recommend that if you are pregnant, post-natal or living with a serious or chronic medical condition, you consult an appropriate medical practitioner and follow their advice when undertaking exercise or physical activity. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, and assume all risk of injury to yourself or property.