Core workouts

Fire in your belly

Get that core burning with this nifty little workout! There are 10 exercises with 50 seconds work time and 10 seconds rest, then move onto the next exercise. No stopping, no short cuts, no breaks!

I want abs by tomorrow!

Look, we aren’t fairy god mothers, so there’ll be no magic wand waving here - just hard work on your part. But this targeted belly burner workout will get you well on your way to having a core like Thor.

Ab fab

This ABsolutely fabulous workout will have you in stitches! Do each circut for 6 minutes, smashing out as many rounds as possible.

Core conqueror

A strong core is the key to standing tall and feeling confident. Yep, if you think of your body as a house, your core is the foundation and it needs to be rock steady. So give it some love and keep it strong with this hot tamale of a workout - only 20 mins!

Core Crunching Circuit

If you’re searching for a workout that burns to the core, look no further! You'll do 50 seconds of work, with a 10 second rest between each exercise and repeat 3 times. 

More coming soon...

We are working on exciting workout plans. Check back soon.

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