Workday mobility

Working from home can mean you forget to get up and walk about, without coffee runs and meetings to attend you can find yourself at 5pm having barely moved all day. Of course this can make you incredibly stiff and sore, so we’ve got some fun little exercises for you to try during the day!

Before you start your work day, set an alarm and commit to one of our workout challenges to keep you moving throughout the work day:

Daily plank challenge

Aim: 10 minutes of plank throughout your day! This may be 1 x 10 minute plank or 20 x 30 seconds. Any order, any time limit, it’s up to you. Keep a tally and hit 10 minutes total by the end of the day.

It must be on the toes and you must hold good form:

• Straight back (No arching up or down)

• Elbows directly under shoulders

• Lower abs tight

• Squeeze your butt as tight as you can & keep your breathing relaxed

• Don’t hold your breath

• Not sure you are straight? Balance a ball or cup of water on your lower back and don’t let it fall.


Daily stair climb

Aim: 20 flights of stairs throughout your day!

Option 1: Complete 2 sets of stairs before sitting down to work.
During the day get up from your home office, complete 2 flights every hour.
Finish the working day with 2 Sets.

Option 2: Complete all 20 Sets in one hit. During your lunch break?
Great way to break up the day, get the heart pumping & great leg burner!

Change it up by trying to it every single step with speed for great calf workout, using only every second step to hit the quads and glutes.

Don’t have a set of stairs? Try high knees with fingers interlocked behind your head!

• Keep tall posture with elbows and shoulders back

• 50 High Knees = 1 Flight of stairs

100 squat challenge

Try smash out 100 squats over the course of your day.

You can try break it up:

• 1 set of 100 squats

• 4 sets of  25 squats

• 20 sets of 5 squats

It’s up to you, just hit 100! You can try this with other exercises too, for example: Box Squats, Dumbell Squats, Powerband Squats, Jump Squats, Sit to stand, 1.5 Squats, Overhead Squats.

100 push up challenge

Try and smash out 100 push ups over the course of your day.

You can try break it up:

• 1 set of 100 push ups

• 4 sets of 25 push ups

• 20 sets of 5 push ups

• 50 sets of 2 push ups

It’s up to you, just get 100 done! You can try this with other exercises too, for example: Slow Push Ups, Negatives, Power, Speed, Spiderman, Tricep, Wall, Powerband, Weighted push ups.

5 x 5 x 5 before 5pm

Get moving throughout your day with 5 reps of 5 different exercises completed 5 times before 5pm!

• 5 x push ups

• 5 x deep squats

• 5 x walkouts

• 5 x seated knee tucks

• 5 x slow, deep, controlled breaths.

• ..and repeat!

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