From ouch-gonomic to ergonomic

Video by Wall Street Journal.

Here are the key features that will take your home office from OUCH-gonomic to ergonomic, yep, even if you’re set up at the dining table:

• a comfortable (and preferably adjustable) chair that supports your back

• a desk or table at a comfortable height, with good access for your legs and no obstacles underneath, and a flat, smooth and non-reflective surface. 

• a keyboard placed at a distance that allows you to relax your shoulders and hold your elbows close to your body

• a mouse that rests at the same height as the keyboard and moves easily on the surface of the table

Hot tip

When you are working, your wrists should be straight and your sitting posture should be upright or slightly reclined with your lower back supported. If you need, you can use cushions to provide additional support for your back.

It also helps if you can find somewhere quiet and out of the way to set up your home office, particularly if you have kids, housemates or pets who like to “check-in”.