We are Platinum Pool accredited!

Friday 06 October 2023

Fitzroy outdoor pool in the sun

Our three leisure centres have become the latest to be platinum pool accredited by the state's peak water safety body Life Saving Victoria (LSV).

LSV's Platinum Pool Program highlights aquatic facilities that have achieved the highest standard in aquatic safety and risk management, with accreditation recognised as a sign of excellence.

Platinum Pool accreditation ensures that our facilities are being operated in the safest possible way. Achieving Platinum Pool status is a great accomplishment for our facilities and staff. We're looking forward to the community continuing to benefit from our practices and proven emphasis on safety.

To maintain our Platinum Pool accreditation, LSV Manager for Aquatic Industry Services, Alek Olszewski, said our Yarra Leisure centres would need to pass a combination of assessment processes from LSV every 12 months.

"Platinum pool accreditation really is reserved for the best of the best, and so I congratulate Yarra Leisure on its strong safety protocols and newly minted platinum accreditation that will ensure the community are able to make the most of the facility to learn lifelong water safety skills," he said.

"Receiving the accreditation is difficult enough, let alone maintaining it, so we look forward to working together with the facilities to ensure the pools continue to prosper in adhering to our industry code of practice for the benefit of the entire community."

More information

Visit Life Saving Victoria's website for more information about The Platinum Pool Program.


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