Tour de France winners announced

Tuesday 30 July 2019

Tour de France bike race

Congratulations to our Tour de France spin champions for 2019! After some fierce competition our winners emerged from the pack in the final stage of the race.

Spin champions

Congratulations to our amazing spinners who attended the most classes during the 2019 Tour de France spin challenge. Each spin champion will receive a $100 Rebel Sport gift card.

  • Overall and Richmond Recreation Centre winner: Jonathon Hiep (18 sessions)
  • Collingwood Leisure Centre: Leanne Renfree and Winston Appleyard (11 sessions)

Prize draw winners

Collingwood Leisure Centre 

  • 1 month free membership - Jennifer Atta
  • Evolt360 scan consultation - Monique MacRitchie and Laura Gomez-Gracia Huerta

Richmond Recreation Centre 

  • 1 month free membership - Caitlin Caldwell
  • Evolt360 scan consultation - Jane Bui and Jennifer Smillie

We're contacting all of our winners this week to arrange collection of their prize. 

Thank you for taking part in our Le Tour de France spin challenge, we hope you enjoyed your time on the bike!


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