Stay safe in the heat this weekend

Friday 01 March 2019

Fitzroy Pool on a sunny day
Image by Ben Vella from Shoot Everything

Extreme heat can put your health at risk, so make sure you know how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. 

Many of us are vulnerable to the heat which can have adverse health impacts including heat stroke, heat exhaustion, dehydration, cramping or even death.

Swimming at our pools are one way to stay cool during hot weather, but you must also remember to:

  • drink plenty of water 
  • seek shade, and don't forget a hat or sunscreen
  • never leave children or pets in the car
  • wear loose, breathable fabrics like cotton and linen
  • check in on others who may be at risk
  • plan ahead to spend the coolest parts of the day outdoors, and the hottest indoors. 

It is important that you are aware of your own health as the heat can make existing conditions worse, or bring on new health concerns. It is also important that you keep an eye on those around you to make sure we all stay safe.

To find out more, see heat safety resources offered by The Department of Health and Human Services.

For life-threatening emergencies, call 000. 


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