Hydrotherapy pool trial program conclusion

Tuesday 28 November 2017

Older woman exercising in a hydrotherapy pool

Thank you for your participation in the Hydrotherapy pool program trial conducted by Yarra Leisure. We hope you enjoyed the program and the associated therapeutic, rehabilitative and social benefits.

Unfortunately demand for the program has not been as high as we had hoped, with participation only reaching just over 50% of the available places. The continuation of the program was conditional on participation reaching 80% by week 10 of the trial; as per the Council resolution from the Council meeting on Tuesday 18 July.

As a result, this trial concluded on Saturday 25 November 2017.

Next steps

A review of the program and a report is to be presented to Council in December for further consideration. The report will take into consideration levels of program participation, customer feedback and any responses to our recent hydrotherapy customer survey.

Do you have remaining visits on your visit pass?

Program participants that have remaining visits on their Hydrotherapy visit pass will be contacted by a Yarra Leisure staff member in the coming days. You can have your remaining visits credited to a swim or swim/spa/sauna multi visit pass or receive a refund to the value of your remaining visits.


Should you have any questions regarding the hydrotherapy pool trial, please contact us on 9205 5032.


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