Self-serve group exercise Kiosks

Wednesday 31 May 2017

In late May 2017, our group exercise self-service Kiosk machines for Collingwood Leisure Centre, Fitzroy Swimming Pool and Richmond Recreation Centre became operational for use. After allowing some time to trial the Kiosks live so we could ensure they were functioning properly, we are now happy to announce they are ready for use.

The introduction of automated entry and group exercise self-serve Kiosks is in direct response to a history of customer feedback from members seeking efficient passage through our reception areas. Automated access has been giving members quicker access to our centres for approximately a year now, whilst the self-serve Kiosks will provide members with the ability to obtain group exercise class tickets with considerable ease. It will free up our customer service staff even more to spend time assisting member and visitor enquiries.

Group exercise self-serve Kiosks

The self-serve Kiosk is a touch screen display terminal that members and some visit pass holders will be able to use to obtain a ticket to a Group Exercise*, Yarra Triathlon, Small Group Training or Living Longer Living Stronger session.

As a member or visit pass holder with access to Group Exercise, Yarra Triathlon or Living Longer Living Stronger sessions, simply visit the kiosk, scan your membership card, key tag or RFID band and you will be displayed with the classes you are eligible to attend. With a simple selection of the class you want to attend, you are checked in, and a ticket printed for entry to the class.

You can then scan through the nearest access turnstile and proceed to your class.

Richmond Recreation Centre users please note that further access points will be introduced to the centre. Further details regarding these access points will be communicated at a later date. 

*Please note - you will not be able to obtain a ticket for Aqua Aerobics sessions from the self-serve kiosks as you will still be required to obtain a wrist band from reception.

Who can obtain a class ticket from our group exercise self-serve Kiosks?

If your membership or visit pass gives you access to Group Exercise classes, Small Group Training sessions, Yarra Triathlon sessions or Living Longer Living Stronger, you can utilise the Kiosks.

Casual visitors will need to continue to visit reception to obtain a ticket to the session of their choice.

What classes can I obtain a ticket for from self-serve Kiosks?

All sessions advertised on our Group Exercise, Yarra Triathlon and LLLS timetables will show up on the kiosk, except for Aqua.

This is because Aqua participants need to obtain a wristband for the class, so if you are heading to Aqua class please get both your ticket and wristband from reception.

Do I have to use a self-serve Kiosk to obtain a class ticket?

Not at all. You can still visit reception for a class ticket.

If you have any problems with the Kiosk machine, a Customer Service Officer will always be at reception to help you.

New access points coming soon to Richmond Recreation Centre

A new entry point and further access points will be installed at Richmond Recreation Centre which will help control the flow of patrons through the centre and grant greater ease of access for members.

Griffiths Street entrance

This access point will provide an extra entry point to the centre and will be accessible during all of Richmond Recreation’s opening hours. The entrance however will be for members with gym and group exercise access only. Members can use their membership card, tag or RFID band to grant themselves entry.

Further information

For enquiries regarding the self-serve kiosks and automated access please email us at 

Updates regarding the progress of the works will be made available on this webpage and via our social media channels.


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