Course guide

Burnley golf course eight green morning

Don't mistake us for just a little 9 hole city golf course. Our course is a challenge that can test the very best of golfers.

Read on and watch our videos for the secrets to shooting your best score at Burnley Golf Course.

1st hole

Par 4
Men 284m / Women 268m

Target the big phone tower in the distance to help you land on the fairway's right side. This will help you avoid playing your 2nd shot from behind a fence.

Beginners: keep your 2nd and 3rd shots down the right side to set up a chip and run to get you close to the hole. You don't need a fancy pitch shot.

Experienced: hit driver off the tee, where there is more room than you think. This will set up a short pitch to the green and a good chance of birdie.

Pro tip: the green appears large and inviting but keep your approach shots short of the hole to ensure an uphill putt. A down hill putt is difficult on this green.

2nd hole

Par 4
Men 255m / Women 253m

Experienced: the train tracks on the left are a risk if you try drive the green. A 5 iron off the tee is the safest shot.

Beginner: aim for an easy drive down the left of the fairway, aiming for the fairway bunker. The left to right slope should see you finish in the middle.

A smart 2nd shot into the green is key for this hole. Focus on the position of the flag as you visualise your shot.

Pro tip: check your yardage to the hole, especially if the flag is at the back of this two-tiered green.

3rd hole

Par 4
Men 323m / Women 315m

The 3rd is the hole to use your driver. Use the city skyline as your target to stay focussed. A strong drive right down the middle will set up a mid to short iron to the green.

As you approach this green your only job is to stay out of the left hand side bunkers. The clear area at the front of the green sets up for nicely for a long chip and run.

Pro tip: the undulation on this green means you need to watch for slopes in all directions.

4th hole

Par 4
Men 313m / Women 305m

The 4th is all about placement. Set up from the right hand side of the tee. This will help you stay away from the large gum tree to the left, and a better angle to the green to avoid the pot bunker.

Beginner: sneak up to this green so you don’t go long and have an uphill putt. If you are going to miss the green, stay left.

Experienced: don’t risk aiming for the flagstick if it means flying over the large gum tree on the right - it’s much bigger than you think.

Pro tip: being a good sand iron lob player can save some shots to this elevated green, but only if you have a good lie to hit from.

5th hole

Par 4
Men 288m / Women 280m

Set up on the right side of the tee for a draw down the fairway. Aim directly at a target. A weak drive that slices to the right will mean you finish too far from the green.

If the flag is on the left don't risk trying to cut the corner. One of our newest greens, the 4th tends to be harder and faster than it looks.

Pro tip: before you hit your approach shot, walk up to the green to see exactly how far on the flag is.

6th hole

Par 3
Men 117m / Women 114m

The 6th may not look like much, but a missed shot will put you over the green and down the slope. Aim for a window on the house in the distance.

Beginners: hit a solid 5 or 7 iron to the green. Even if you finish short, an easy chip and two putts will give you a bogey.

Pro tip: the wind matters a lot on this hole. Throw grass in the air as a test.

7th hole

Par 3
Men 150m / Women 148m

Aim for a city building to keep focused. Be aware of the right hand side rough.

The danger is another downhill putt that makes a 3 putt reality. Play smart and stay on the low side of the hole.

Pro tip: don’t be afraid of the bunker. A shot to an uphill flagstick may be easier than you think.

8th hole

Par 4
Men 225m / Women 223m

The 8th is a very short and driveable par 4 but also has 4 bunkers, a huge gum tree and a two-tiered sloping green!

Par is a great score if you miss your drive. If you are behind the big gum tree on the right, keep your ball low.

Pro tip: the back tier has a severe left to right slope that you might not see.

9th hole

Par 3
Men 182m / Women 174m

The last hole is the toughest on our course.

Beginners: stay left and well away of the fairway bunker. For your 2nd shot, an easy chip and run to the right hand corner of the green will avoid danger. If you are a good putter and chipper, a 4 on your scorecard is a great finish.

Experienced: bring your best hybrid or long iron shot to this green. We recommend a ball short right of the green with an easy uphill chip to make par.

Pro tip: Even Burnley experts are happy with a par on the 9th!