June Gym Challenge at Richmond

Friday 15 June 2018 - Saturday 30 June 2018

Gym challenges are back! Test your fitness with a new challenge and be rewarded with some fantastic prizes and giveaways. 

June challenge: wall squat 

We're looking for the participant who can hold a wall squat for the greatest length of time.

The challenge starts on Friday 15 June and runs until close of business on Saturday 30 June.

How to enter

When you're ready to be timed, find some free wall space in the gym area and grab your nearest Gym Instructor.

  • Knees and hands must be at 90 degrees. Shoulders and back of head must touch the wall at all times.
  • Your result is the length of time holding the wall squat position and it must be timed, witnessed and recorded by a Gym Instructor.
  • Once you have completed the challenge, your result will be written up on the results poster.

Multiple attempts are allowed, so you can enter as often as you like!


  • One month FREE membership for the male, female and open category winners at each centre.
  • PLUS a spot prize of a towel and drink bottle combo will be drawn from all registered attempts.

One prize per person. If a winner records the longest time for more than one centre/category the prize will be awarded to the next best time.

Location & Contacts

General Enquiries

Richmond Recreation Centre

Date and time:
6am - 9pm
Friday 15 June 2018 - Saturday 30 June 2018

11-15 Gleadell Street, Richmond