Virtual timetable

Bring structure back into your life with our virtual offering of classes from yoga to HIIT and everything in between. Designed for many abilities and requiring no equipment, running from 15 to 30 minutes, our online classes are perfect for small spaces and busy schedules. 

Each day we'll premiere a workout right here on our virtual timetable as well as Facebook and YouTube

We will also make virtual classes available to you on the 'Our Classes' section of our Wellness Locker as soon as we can following each premiere session. 

Monday 20 July at 5.30pm: You say tomata, Adam says tabata

Tuesday 21 July at 1pm: Get moving with Joe

Wednesday 22 July at 5.30pm: Holy HIIT with Andrew

Thursday 23 July at 7am: Core workout with Sharon

Friday 24 July at 10am: Learn to Swim at home with Anna

Saturday 25 July at 10.30am

Get fit with Joe and Lauren's HIIT workout

Sunday 26 July at 3pm

Introduction to Pilates with Adam

Monday 27 July at 5.30pm

Hard-core with Andrew

Tuesday 28 July at 5pm

Hakuna Tabata with Sharon

Wednesday 29 July at 12.30pm

Un-hunch at lunch with Andrew

Thursday 30 July at 12.30pm

Sweat and zen with Leigh

Friday 31 July at 7am

Quick win with Andrew

Saturday 1 August at 10am

Learn to Swim at home with Anna

Sunday 2 August at 10am

Slow jam with Rob

What classes will be offered?

Each week we'll launch a new timetable to keep you on your toes - no two classes will be the same! 

High intensity/circuit

  • A combination of strength and cardio using equipment and interval training
  • Circuit classes will include body-weight exercises and utilise a few things around the house to get you feeling fit, strong and energised.
  • These classes are great to increase your mobilisation, muscular strength and endurance
  • High intensity interval training will incorporate multiple short intervals such as tabata to get you fit fast!


  • Boxing classes are a blend of interval training and cardio as well as some technical and skill work to shadow box your way to some great fitness results.


  • These fun and challenging body-weight core exercises will build your movement, mobility and core strength. 


  • Our mobility and stretch sessions are slow paced restorative sessions to help calm and relax your body. Whether you’re feeling a little tight and stiff following a workout or just from sitting at your desk all day, give some of these low impact mobility routines a go and you will feel better for it!
  • Low impact stretching and movement patterns will help you loosen up a few of those sore spots, and focus on posture and range of movement for flexibility, balance and relaxation. 
  • These sessions are perfect to help you relieve stress and tension in your neck, shoulders and lower back and just improve your overall wellbeing.


  • We'll focus on posture and range of movement for flexibility, balance and relaxation. Our yoga is suitable for all levels to get you moving and the blood flowing for an overall good feeling


  • Our pilates classes build core strength, support lower back and bring flexibility to your hips, shoulders and spine. These invigorating sessions activate your core, lengthen your legs and spine, ease the lower back, mobilise the shoulders, extend your spine to counteract tightness and hunching 

Active families 

Struggling to entertain the little ones? Staying home can be hard on all of us but particularly so for kids - no play dates and family adventures can make life a bit dull. We'll bring you great resources for children, including Learn to Swim videos for little swimmers, fun family exercises, home-based activity ideas and story-times from our Yarra Libraries team!

Terms of use: Yarra City Council acknowledges the right of all individuals to choose to participate in a physical activity. However, we strongly recommend that if you are pregnant, post-natal or living with a serious or chronic medical condition, you consult an appropriate medical practitioner and follow their advice when undertaking exercise or physical activity. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, and assume all risk of injury to yourself or property.