Equipment upgrades for all of our gyms

Friday 18 September 2020

A man and a woman riding an ic7 spin bike at Richmond Recreation Centre spin studio

We’re super excited to announce that we’ll be upgrading all the strength and cardio equipment in our gyms at Collingwood Leisure Centre, Fitzroy Swimming Pool and Richmond Recreation Centre. 

We’ll also be upgrading our spin bikes in the Collingwood spin room. 

We heard you 

Earlier this year we sought your feedback on what you’d like to see more (or less) of in our gyms and we received an amazing 143 responses. 

Your feedback included: 

  • A desire for variation amongst our cardio equipment
  • An equipment wish list with the following: Power Mills, lat pulldown/seated row and leg machines
  • A strong need for connectivity of your personal activity trackers with our equipment.

We’re pleased to say that after a thoughtful and comprehensive process, our equipment upgrades will provide a fantastic balance of training options that reflect current fitness industry trends and your valuable feedback. 

Gym equipment upgrades

Cardio equipment

We’ll be welcoming the newest cardio equipment from Life Fitness to the Yarra Leisure family! 

These state of the art cardio machines are all fitted out with the latest high definition screens with an interactive virtual library to enhance your training experience. This means you can select a virtual class to follow along with as you train on our cardio equipment.  

We’ll be getting all new: Treadmills, Power Mills, Arc trainers, Cross Trainers, lifecycle bikes, Airdyne, Ski Ergs, rowing machines and more.

Strength equipment

Our pin loaded machines will be upgraded to the Life Fitness Insignia and Optima Series.  

You’ll be seeing all new: free weight equipment racks, pin loaded equipment including chest press, combination lat pulldown/row, leg press machines, leg extension and curls, and more.

The Studio at Richmond

The Studio at Richmond has had a major makeover with a new ceiling, energy-wise lighting and the removal of a wall to create a bigger, fresher, lighter space. We’ve also remodelled the free weight section and made ergonomic improvements to the pin loaded leg press machines.

Collingwood Spin Studio

The Collingwood Leisure Centre spin studio will receive 28 new iC7 spin bikes, powered by ICG. 

Late last year we installed these bikes at Richmond Recreation Centre, massively improving the spin experience at that venue. We’re excited to bring the same incredible spin experience to Collingwood, offering two state of the art spin studios at Yarra Leisure. 

If you haven’t jumped on the bikes at Richmond, these iC7 bikes boast high-tech capabilities with their Coach by Colour system and the incredible virtual experience of My Ride

The Coach by Colour system delivers real-time colour coded biofeedback to you and your instructor to identify which training zone you're in based on your personal characteristics, fitness level and goals. This means our instructors can tailor the class experience to their spinners. 

Meanwhile, My Ride enables you to have those adventurous wilderness rides in the comfort of our studio, with immersive big-screen technology that takes you anywhere in the world, so you’ll never get bored. 

Introducing Video Walls

We’re introducing Video Walls to our group fitness rooms at our Collingwood and Richmond locations. This technology will continue to grow and will give vibrant mood backgrounds to our instructor led classes. 

With this new addition we’ll also be able to deliver virtual classes! 

Working alongside our partner Fitness on Demand, we’re hoping to introduce our Video Walls towards the end of the year. 

What equipment will each centre receive?

Collingwood Leisure Centre

  • 27 pieces of cardio equipment
  • 10 strength machines
  • Upgrading of all free weights 
  • 28 new iC7 spin bikes

Fitzroy Swimming Pool

  • 26 pieces of cardio equipment
  • 10 strength machines
  • Upgrading of all free weights

Richmond Recreation Centre

  • 52 pieces of cardio equipment 
  • 24 strength machines 
  • Upgrading of all free weights

When will these upgrades occur?

The following dates have been carefully planned around the proposed resumption dates for gyms in the Victorian Government’s roadmap to reopening. Given the changing nature of COVID-19 we understand that although unlikely, there is a possibility that these installation dates may briefly impact the reopening of some facilities. We thank you for your understanding. 

  • Monday 21 September to Friday 25 September: Gym equipment upgrade at Fitzroy
  • Monday 12 October to Friday 30 October: Spin room upgrade at Collingwood
  • Monday 19 October to Sunday 25 October: Group exercise video wall at Richmond
  • Monday 26 October to Sunday 1 November: Group exercise video wall at Collingwood
  • Monday 9 November to Friday 22 November: Gym equipment upgrade at Richmond and Collingwood

How do I find out more information? 

For more information regarding our gym equipment upgrades please email us at or call us on 9205 5522


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