Have you checked out our virtual timetable?

Wednesday 19 August 2020

A girl and her dog sitting on yoga mats doing yoga at home

We know that to some people the gym might not seem that important. But for many in our community our centres are places of friendship and physical and mental health.

That’s incredibly important if you ask us!

That’s why after our initial closure in March, we created The Wellness Locker, a holistic space for our community to find all kinds of wellness resources like fitness classes and working from home tips. And then, in response to the second lockdown in July, we created a weekly virtual timetable, so you can stay home and stay fit.

Our virtual timetable has a very specific purpose: to make it easy for you to stay fit and keep moving. We’re offering quick, fun classes that don’t require equipment and are designed for small spaces. Many people in Yarra live in apartments and small homes and may not have a heap of equipment lying around – after all that’s why you come to us.

So whether you’re a member or not, whether you live in Yarra or not, the virtual timetable is here for you. It’s completely free and every week there’ll be something new and different to inspire you to get up off the couch, finish work on time or start your day right.

We have incredible instructors who are passionate about your health and creating classes that are engaging and suited for many levels.

Check it out and let us know how you go!



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