Introducing the Wellness Locker

Thursday 02 April 2020

We've got some SUPER exciting news. We've been working really hard on something and finally it's ready to share! As you all know, we've had to close our doors temporarily, so we wanted to open the door on an online platform that would help to support you through this tough time.

We know many of you get so much more than just a work out from us. You get a sense of community, friendships, laughter, family time - the list goes on.

So, here's our answer to that: enter the wellness locker.

What will I find in the Wellness Locker?

 It's free and it's jam packed with all the essentials you need to uplift, replenish and power through!

Workout Videos


Cropped shot of an unrecognizable young man stretching at home

Ready to get sweaty? If you're missing our trainers, we've got some great workouts ready to go from Sharon, Bill, Joe and Lauren and there's more to come! We've also got a range of amazing virtual classes on demand including Les MillsICG indoor cycling, and even classes to keep the kids active

Workout Plans


Young woman exercising with her weights in the living room

We've put together a bunch of workout plans for you! Core, cardio, upper body, lower body and full-body. Why not jump on a video chat with your mates and try your hand at leading a workout?

Stay Well


Cropped shot of an unrecognizable woman meditating while sitting on her bed in her bedroom at home

With a lot of us feeling isolated and anxious at the moment, we've filled this part of the locker with the essentials you'll need to nourish your mind. Here you'll find things like mediation classes, ideas for social connection and healthy eating.

Healthy Home Office


Top view of woman using computer keyboard on desk

There are some non-negotiable essentials when it comes to working from home: you need routine, a comfortable place to work and you've gotta keep moving! Browse through this part of the locker if you're in need of some home office inspiration.

We promise to make sure the locker is always full of fresh content for however long this lasts, and we'll let you know when we add new classes and resources! 


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