Update on our aquatic training programs review

Wednesday 19 February 2020

We're reviewing our aquatic training programs to ensure we meet the needs and expectations of our diverse community. In December we asked you to give us your feedback and insights so that we can accurately capture your current and emerging needs and inform our decision making around the future of our aquatic training programs.

In addition to your survey feedback, our review also sought feedback from:

  • drop-in feedback sessions
  • workshops with peak sporting associations
  • representatives from Yarra Roughies, Yarra Tri, and Inner City Aquatic sport clubs.
  • the coaching teams and Yarra Leisure staff

Who responded to the survey?

We're currently in the process of analysing feedback and insights from 190 survey participants.

We had a great spread of user groups provide their feedback, which included:

  • 53% recreational swimmers
  • 39% triathlon program participants
  • 8% junior squad participants

How many respondents weren't a current member of a Yarra-based aquatic sporting club?

31% of survey participants have never been a member of a Yarra-based aquatic sporting club, and 16% had been a participant in the past, but are no longer.

How many respondents were members of a Yarra-based aquatic sporting club?

50% of respondents were currently a member of a Yarra-based aquatic sporting club. Of those:

  • 50% were members of Yarra Roughies
  • 43% were members of Yarra Tri
  • 5% were members of ICA

How satisfied were participants?

80% of those who have participated in an aquatic training program were happy with the overall timetable and sessions offered.

What are the top 3 areas being done well?

We were told the top three areas we're doing well are: 

  1. Coaches
  2. Session variety (timetabling and type of focus of session)
  3. Quality of sessions

What areas could be improved?

You also told us we should focus on improving areas, including:

  1. More consistent coaches who understand the diversity of participant needs
  2. Clearer understanding of session differences. 

What are the next steps for the review?

It will take some time for us to fully capture what you have told us the future of our programs should look like and determine how we can best meet the needs and expectations of our diverse community.

It's clear that our aquatic training programs are highly valued within our community and provide many benefits to participants, so we look forward to updating you on our progress as we work through the information provided to us.

Once complete, we will update you on the outcomes of the review.

How do I find out more information?

For more information or to provide further feedback, please email us on yarraleisure@yarracity.vic.gov.au.


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