Words of wisdom from Brent Westwick: spin on chip shots

Monday 25 November 2019

Brent Westwick standing on a green at Burnley Golf Course

PGA Professional Brent Westwick has some words of wisdom to help you improve your golfing game. 

Do you know how to correctly put spin on your chip shots? If not, read on. 

"One of the more common questions I receive from amateur golfers is related to how they can generate more spin on their chip shots, especially this time of the year when the greens are starting to become firm and fast.

The common mistake that most amateur golfers make around this is that they believe that hitting upwards on the ball or hitting a shot with higher trajectory will result in more spin. This is simply not the case."

How do I generate spin?

"In order to generate spin on the golf ball we need to utilise the grooves on the clubface in a way that produces the most friction on the golf ball to generate spin.

Picture hitting a slice backhand shot in tennis where we move the racquet in a downward motion to generate the backspin. It’s the same principle in golf, we must hit downward through the shot in order to generate spin.

To apply this to your game try positioning the ball either in the middle of you stance or slightly behind centre, press your hands slightly forward and focus on hitting downward through the shot to brush the turf that sits in front of the ball (not underneath the ball). This will produce a crisp and spinning chip shot that you can use to control the golf ball more effectively."

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