Words of wisdom from Brent Westwick: chipping and pitching

Monday 21 October 2019

Brent Westwick standing on a green at Burnley Golf Course

PGA Professional Brent Westwick has some words of wisdom to help you with your golfing short game.

Did you know the bounce angle on your wedge plays a huge part in achieving a solid chip or pitch shot?

What's the bounce angle?

The bounce angle is the set angle between the leading and trailing edge on your wedge and more often than not most players either don't know how to use the bounce correctly or have a wedge with the incorrect amount of bounce for their club.

How does the bounce angle affect my shot?

Rarely do we check the bounce angle to ensure these are correct for your game. Too much bounce on your wedge and you'll hit shots across the green with too much pace. Too little bounce and you could be taking huge divots before the ball and not reaching the green.

So what’s the answer?

Each player is different in their technique and require differing amounts of bounce to suit their game. The best way to ensure you're using the right wedge is ask our PGA Professionals at Burnley Golf Course for a free wedge assessment or book Brent for a 30 minute short game lesson to get your game back on track.

Learn more about bounce angle from the legendary short game guru, Dave Pelz.


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