New spin bikes are racing into Richmond

Tuesday 22 October 2019

A class using coach by colour system in a spin room on the ic7 spin bikes

We're bringing the on-road cycling experience indoors to Richmond Recreation Centre with the most advanced indoor cycle on the market - the iC7 spin bikes, powered by ICG.

We'll be improving our spin studio by installing imagery and lights on the stage to make your spin sessions more fun and engaging. 

To further enhance your experience, we’ll also be installing a Coach by Colour system which will deliver real-time colour coded biofeedback to you and your instructor to identify which training zone you're in based on your personal characteristics, fitness level and goals. 

The system has 5 coloured training zones (white, blue, green, yellow and red). These zones take into account WattRate (power), Functional Threshold Power (FTP) and Heart Rate Maximum (HRM). The bikes have the capacity to determine your fitness level and establish your 5 personalised coloured training zones in just 5 to 15 minutes.

Your bike will display a bright, rich coloured light reflecting the training zone you’re in which your instructor will use to guide the class. Your training zone will also be displayed on the large screen throughout the class.

Coach by colour zone descriptions

This system will connect you, your instructor and fellow spinners, so together you can maximise your training experience and reach your goals faster.

We’ll begin this transformation in phases, beginning midday Friday 22 November.

Life Fitness iC7 bike introduction sessions

In the lead up from Monday 28 October there will be a demo iC7 bike available in the spin studio for you to familiarise yourself with before your classes. 

We will have a Life Fitness specialist in the spin studio at the following times so you can drop by, ask questions and learn more about the bikes features and capabilities. 

  • Monday 28 October: 5.30pm to 6pm 
  • Tuesday 29 October: 9am to 9.30am 
  • Wednesday 30 October: 5.30pm to 6pm

What’s phase 1?

Phase 1 involves upgrading our current spin bikes in the spin studio with IC7 spin bikes. 

ic7 spin bike from a side, front and above angle

Image: iC7 spin bikes

The spin studio will be closed from midday Friday 22 November to Sunday 1 December while we replace the bikes and upgrade the space.

During this time we will also upgrade the current spin bikes in the main gym with iC5 spin bikes.

The improved spin studio will reopen on Monday 2 December.

In our preparation to launch the full Coach by Colour capabilities in early 2020, our instructors will undergo intensive training required to maximise your training experience by connecting you, your instructor and fellow spinners. In the meantime you'll get a taster via the light feedback on your bike and on the large screen, where your classes live personalised training zones can be viewed. At this stage our instructors will not be interacting with the class based off your live results.

You'll be able to view, save and track your workout history using the ICG Training App on your Apple or Android device.

What’s to come?

In early 2020, we’ll launch the full Coach by Colour capabilities and MyRide. 

Our instructors will be able to interact with you based on your live training zones displayed on your bike and the large screen throughout the class. 

5 to 15 minute fitness testing classes on the bikes will be offered in the lead up so you can establish your 5 personalised coloured training zones. The bike will increase the WattRate (power) target every 4 minutes and 
all you have to do is keep within the green zone for as long as you can. Once you've completed the test you'll be assigned 5 zones that will be used to produce accurate live results during your class. 

We’ll also launch MyRide – a system that guides your class by allowing you to ride and interact with thousands of customised and real-life tracks from the convenience of Richmond Recreation Centre. 

We're excited to deliver these improvements that we believe will maximise your training experience and help you reach your goals faster.

How do I find out more information?

Keep an eye on our website as we will be releasing more information soon.

If you have any further questions, please email us at  


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