Evolt 360 now available

Tuesday 02 July 2019

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Bookings open for our Evolt360 scanners at Collingwood and Richmond on Monday 8 July. The Evolt360 is an intelligent body scanner that provides a fast, non-invasive method of screening your body.

In only 60 seconds, you will be provided with useful information about your body to help you on your fitness journey. 

Once you have been scanned with the Evolt 360 you can use the free Evolt Active app on your Apple or Android device to get personalised and detailed recordings and then track, monitor and analyse your progressive results. View immediate insights about your body and receive instant feedback to see how your exercise and nutritional choices affect your goals. You can access your personalised profile and dashboard via smart phone, tablet or desktop computer.

What can the Evolt360 tell me about my body?

  • Skeletal muscle mass
  • Total body water (hydration levels inside and outside of your cells)
  • Bone mineral content
  • Protein
  • Weight
  • Muscle mass
  • Body fat percentage
  • Visceral fat levels (fat surrounding your organs)
  • Segmental analysis (fat and muscle mass in each body part)
  • Basal metabolic rate (minimal amount of energy required to sustain vital functions whilst at rest)
  • Total energy expenditure
  • Age match to body (fitness age)
    ...and much more!

After your scan, our gym instructor or personal trainer will explain and discuss your results with you to ensure you get the most out of your scan.

How do I book a body scan?

Book your scan at reception and experience the power of the intelligent body scanner and how it can enhance your results and improve overall health. 

How much is a body scan?

  • $12 for health care and senior card holders
  • $20 for members
  • $30 for non-members
  • Included in personal training program.

Who can't get a body scan?

  • Customers under the age of 18 will not be able to get a scan as their bodies are still developing so the readings will not be a satisfactory guide to their health outcomes.
  • People with pace makers are not to complete a scan as it may cause health complications. 
  • Pregnant women are not to complete a scan as it may cause health complications.

How do I find out more information?

To find out more about these state of the art machines, check out the Evolt 360 website.

For more information, contact us at yarraleisure@yarracity.vic.gov.au, on 9205 5522 or chat to our team in the gym or at reception. 


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