New group exercise timetable starts Monday 1 October

Monday 24 September 2018

A group of people squatting and holding a kettlebell

Our new group exercise timetable will start on Monday 1 October.

We have made changes to the timetable in response to your feedback, class popularity, timetable structure and operational needs. 

Download the new timetables below or grab a copy at reception.

Group Exercise timetable – effective Monday 1 October 2018 (PDF, 794kb)

Key timetable changes

  • A new offering of classes for the peak season, including Functional Training (FT) Circuit and Functional Training (FT) Torso.
  • Fusion classes comprising 2 x 30 minutes blocks of complimentary class styles, eg. Body Pump/Body Step.
  • A temporary timetable is in place at Fitzroy Swimming Pool while upgrade works to the studio are taking place.
  • Extra lane space for 9.15am Aqua Classes at Collingwood Leisure Centre.

A summary of timetable changes for each centre is listed below.

Collingwood Leisure Centre

New classes

  • Virtual Spin - Mondays - 8pm.
  • Virtual Spin - Wednesdays - 8pm.
  • Deep Water Running - Wednesdays - 6.15pm.

Class changes

  • Circuit - Mondays - 9.15am: changed style to FT Circuit.
  • Virtual Spin - Mondays and Wednesdays - 7.30pm: changed time to 7pm.
  • Body Pump -  Wednesdays - 6.10am: changed style to Body Pump/FT Torso.
  • X-Press - Wednesdays - 5pm: changed style to Pavi.
  • Body Balance - Thursdays - 5.30pm: changed style to FT Torso.
  • New Body - Fridays - 6.10am: changed style to Body Pump/Body Step.
  • Circuit - Saturdays - 9.15am: changed style to FT Circuit.

Fitzroy Swimming Pool

A temporary timetable is currently in place during Group Fitness Studio upgrade works. 

Until Thursday 1 November:

  • classes in the group fitness studio will not run
  • Pilates sessions and extra Small Group Training sessions will run in the gym
  • 10 additional group fitness sessions will run at Collingwood Leisure Center.

These changes are highlighted in the above timetable. Further information about the upgrade works is available here.

We look forward to offering you a brand new group fitness studio very soon!

Richmond Recreation Centre

New classes

  • FT Circuit - Mondays - 6.15am. 
  • Body Pump/FT Torso - Tuesdays - 6.15am.
  • Yoga - Tuesdays - 2pm.
  • Spin - Tuesdays - 7pm.
  • FT Torso - Thursdays - 6.15am.

Class changes

  • Boxing Circuit - Tuesdays - 6.15am: changed style to FT Circuit.
  • Boxing Circuit - Tuesdays - 7am: changed style to FT Circuit.
  • Body Pump - Wednesdays - 12.15pm: changed style to Yoga.
  • Circuit - Thursdays - 6.15am: changed style to FT Circuit.
  • Circuit - Thursdays - 7am: changed style to FT Circuit.

Class cancellations

  • HIIT - Sundays - 12.15pm.

Got a question?

For further information regarding the new timetables, please call us on 9205 5032 or email us at

  • Body Step on Friday at 6.15am.


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