Congratulations to our Tour de France spin champions!

Tuesday 31 July 2018

Thanks to everybody who took part in the Tour de France spin challenge! We hope you enjoyed a great month on the bike.

It was neck to neck over the three weeks before our winners emerged from the pack in the final stage of the race. Please join us in congratulating Yarra Leisure's spin champions for 2018!

Spin champions

Congratulations to our amazing spinners who attended the most classes during the 2018 Tour de France:

  • Overall winner: Nicholas Zaccardi - 21 sessions
  • Richmond Recreation Centre: Jonothan Heip - 17 sessions
  • Colingwood Leisure Centre: Anna McDonald and Brian Harland - 13 sessions

Prize draw winners

Congratulations to our lucky prize draw winners who have won themselves a prize just for coming along to a spin class during the race!

  • Collingwood Leisure Centre - Joshua Alexander and Justine McCarthy
  • Richmond Recreation Centre - Michael Davies and Kathleen Rutherford

We are contacting all of our winners this week to arrange for prize delivery. 

Well done everybody!

Tour de France spin class

Thanks to everybody who came along to our Tour de France themed spin class.

We had a fantastic turnout and would like to give a special shout out to our amazing instructor Christine for delivering a truly memorable class! She did a wonderful job synchronizing the start time to the time trial on the screen which got everybody into top racing form.

Did you have a good race?

We hope so! Please let us know how you enjoyed the spin challenge and Tour de France spin class by emailing your feedback, comments or suggestions to

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