Collingwood seasonal lane allocation

Tuesday 19 September 2017

As of 1 October 2017, seasonal lane allocation for Aqua group exercise classes will apply. Based on our lane allocation policy, lane allocation for our Aqua group exercise classes at Collingwood Leisure Centre will change, as it will be peak season.

Lane allocation policy

Seasonal changes to lane allocation apply to the 9:15am Aqua group exercise classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday which will be allocated 5 lanes and a capacity of 42 participants. All other Aqua group exercise allocations are per existing arrangements.

Unless the Duty Manager determines a substantial operational matter requires addressing on the day, it is intended that these lane allocations are fixed.

We appreciate the cooperation of all pool users while we implement the changes. We ask all pool users keep a safe and respectful distance from other activities.

Lane allocation for peak season: 1 October – 31 May

Aqua Group Exercise classes

  • Monday 9:15am: 5 lanes - 42 maximum participants
  • Tuesday 9:15am: 4 lanes - 35 maximum participants
  • Wednesday 9:15am: 5 lanes - 42 maximum participants
  • Thursday 9:15am: 4 lanes - 35 maximum participants
  • Friday 9:15am: 5 lanes - 42 maximum participants

Lap swimmers

For lap swimmers, our weekly published lane availability will reflect these seasonal changes to aqua group exercise. Visit our weekly lane availability schedule.

Further information

For further information please contact, Marty Moran – Health and Fitness Coordinator, via email at


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