Fitzroy change room upgrade

Wednesday 19 July 2017

We are excited to announce that the change room facilities at Fitzroy Swimming Pool will receive a substantial upgrade in 2017.

The change room refurbishment project is well underway with works to the male change room now complete and with works to the female change room, the accessible and family change room commencing on Thursday 20 July.

The works to be conducted are part of Council’s renewal program and capital works budget; with works being completed in a stage process.

Renovated male change now open

It is with great pleasure we announce that the renovated male change room at Fitzroy Swimming Pool opened to the public on Friday 14 July.

We thank all customers for their patience as we undertook the renovations to the change room and trust that you will be satisfied with the outcome.

We would love to hear your comments on the newly renovated change room. Fill out a customer feedback form, send us an email or chat to our staff.


  • The renovations to the male change room are now complete and open to the public.
  • From Thursday 20 July the female, family and accessible change rooms will be closed to the public for renovations. The works are expected to take approximately 14 weeks.
  • Works to the front entrance ramp will begin in August. The works are expected to take approximately 13 weeks. Further details regarding these works will be provided as we get closer to the date of these works.

Please note – the above timeline indications are subject to change and are dependent upon contractors and suppliers completing tasks in line with the project plan. Any amendments to the project timelines will be communicated accordingly.

Scope of works

The refurbishment works to be conducted include;

  • An upgrade to fixtures and fittings, flooring, tiling, new bathrooms, shower partitions, and bench seating
  • Maintenance works including repairs to internal and external drains, and supply of hot and cold water.

The works will be completed in stages. The extent of the works will be within the current building area; with no increase in the area of the change rooms.

The building program is scheduled for completion of the male change rooms in the first instance and then the female change rooms and the accessible and family change rooms.

Given the substantial improvement works underway, we recognise this may be inconvenient to our members and guests at different times throughout the project. Whenever possible we encourage you to arrive at Fitzroy ready for your workout or swim. While we anticipate a certain degree of construction noise at various stages throughout the refurbishment works, we are working closely with the builders and project managers to ensure there is limited disruption to the environment and normal operations.

Female change room and family change room works update

In order to ensure that the upgrades to the female, family and accessible change rooms can be completed before summer, the works to these facilities will be done simultaneously.

Demolition is scheduled to begin in the week beginning Monday 17 July and will continue at intervals over the following four weeks. Please note these works involve the cutting up and removal of concrete and there will be construction noise throughout the day.

The area hoarded off will be much larger than the male change room works and will extend from the sauna area to the toddlers pool fence and across to the crèche wall. This will allow for demolition of the existing shade sail, installation of new glazed fencing and installation of the shower pod. Required circulation space to the pool will be maintained.

Front entrance ramp development

Works will begin on the redevelopment of the front entrance ramp in August. Works will be undertaken in two stages to enable ramped access at all times. The first stage will be at the step entry end. These steps will be replaced with a compliant ramp. Once this end is completed works will move to the other end where the current ramp will become a step entry.

Access to Group Exercise room and Occasional Day Care

The usual entrance to the Group Exercise and Occasional Day Care rooms are now closed to the public for works in this space.

The temporary entrance to the Group Exercise and Occasional Day Care rooms is through the park side, via the grassed area of the pool. Temporary fencing has been installed in the park from the current fence to the temporary entrance. Access is via a gate that will be open until classes are complete. Signage has been installed to direct access.

Facilities available during the works

A temporary change room facility including toilets and showers has been installed to the west end of the site, located at the deep end of the outdoor 50m pool.

Accessible toilet and shower facilities are available near the toddler pool.

During the change room closures, whenever possible arrive at Fitzroy ready for your workout or swim.

Temporary female change facilities

We have made improvements to the temporary change room facilities, following feedback from members and users. A marquee has been installed over the ramp and pool concourse area, providing a changing area with toilets and showers. We have installed temporary heating units in this changing space and a number of banks of lockers have also been relocated to this area.

Access to lockers during the works

During the planned closures of the change rooms, the existing locker bays in the change rooms will be relocated near the deep end of the outdoor 50m pool.

The electronic lockers on pool deck will be removed; however an additional bank of wooden lockers will be setup on the south side of the site, located near the toddler pool and at the shallow end of the outdoor 50m pool.

Fact sheets

Fact sheet - FSP change room refurbishment stage 2 - July 2017

Fact sheet - FSP change room refurbishment stage 1 and 2 update - June 2017

Fact sheet - FSP change room refurbishment stage 1 update - May 2017

Fact sheet - FSP change room refurbishment stage 1 Jan 2017



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